Get Him To The Greek – Long Awaited Update!

Hello friends,

I feel like I need to start off this post with an apology, we have been so quiet on here. The Blonde has taken a back seat to this blog, I think it isn’t really for her anymore – which is totally okay and understandable. Blogging is something that has ebbs and flows and it is something we both started together as 2 single women who wanted to document their stories. I feel like the “twitter” portion of this blog has been alive and kicking. I feel like I am able to keep my life updated in 140(now 280!!) characters or less a lot easier then a blog post. But, I am going to attempt to update you a bit about my life, which hasn’t been THAT exciting, so don’t get too excited.

Since the last time I update this blog, G and I were at our three month mark, we now have passed over six and are just about at the EIGHT mark!! It is kind of crazy to think that we have been dating for eight months. Lots has gone on and yet it all feels really content and normal, it is a strange feeling. I have been in previous long term relationships in my early 20’s, but this is my longest relationship post 25. For the most part, I am euphoric, I feel like I have found someone who gets me, accepts me for all the good and bad I bring to our relationship, makes me smile all the time and just generally is a wonderful human. We have both celebrated our birthdays, family dinners and thanksgiving(x3) together as a little unit. It is becoming second nature to make sure G is invited to my family dinners and vice versa for me.

Like all relationships, we are not perfect. We argue, fight, kick and scream at each other. This is the part of our relationship that gives me the nerves. I have written about this in the past post, we are intense/passionate people who have a flare for riling each other up in the worst fashion. We have both worked REALLY hard at this, and continue to do so. Our fights are getting further and fewer in between, but still happening. Would love to hear if anyone else has a passionate relationship with their partner and how they navigate it? Our communication is top notch, which I think is our saving grace – we talk things out to death, so typically an argument doesn’t repeat itself.

The highlights of the last few months? Getting invited to his friends wedding and meeting all of his friends + their SO’s, was refreshing to see him around a more group setting and we had a BLAST at the wedding, dancing all night long! He surprised me with a day trip for my birthday weekend to a small town a few hours from the city, where he packed a picnic and picked a place we both had said we wanted to see. G coming to an annual family event we have in August, which is golfing in honour of my aunt and grandpa who have passed away. Then it is the small things, making dinner together, watching our favourite shows/movies cuddled up, talking about our future’s (both personally and in our relationship).

I am optimistic about our future and what it has in store for us, I love every inch of that man and I am proud to call him my partner!

Thanks for listening and I promise not to go so long next time!


-The Brunette


Get Him To The Greek: Three Months Later…

Hey Purgators,

It has been a while since I updated the blog about Mr G, but as we are approaching three months since we started dating, I figured it was time to have a bit of reflection on how the last three months have gone. The last three months have felt like a whirlwind and as if time has sat still all at the same time. There are days that I say I can’t believe its been ONLY three months and other days where I feel like him and I are at an accelerated pace and time is moving quicker then we want. There have been highs and lows, but all around I am happy to report Mr G has stuck by my side.

As some of you will know, I made the decision in October 2016 to go off the pill. I wasn’t in a relationship and had been wanting to go off for a while, so I figured it was now or never. Fast Forward to February and in walks Mr G in to my life. I have never had a relationship where I haven’t been on birth control, this has been a huge adjustment for me. Another thing that has been tough is trying to regulate my hormones. I am a complete mess. I could cry at any given second, I could most definitely cry on command and I am just all around a lot more emotional (and I was hella emotional before). I feel like this has played into our lows, a lot. I am very sensitive and my feelings are easily bruised more then ever. I have an appointment with the doctor in a couple weeks to see if everything is normal and this is just part of the swings of going off the pill.

Our high’s have been amazing. We have met each others families, hung out with friends and really got to know one another. We have a passion for cooking together and we recently finished the first season of “This is Us”(OMG, what a tear jerker). It is weird to think I have managed to gain a best friend in these few short months, but I really have. I can be myself around him, no make up, emotional monster with a need to burp and he still looks at me the same way he did on our first date!

Mr G and I went out with his female best friend and her Fiancé last night, while driving I asked him to describe the last three months in 3 words. He came back with “exciting, enjoyable and optimistic”. I came back with “self discovering, emotional and amazing”. While I am sure if we both had more time to think of what we want to say about our relationship, it would probably be a bit more in depth and not so singular, I think it represents us well.

We are excited about our future and what our next chapter will be. We are both very realistic people (Scorpio and a Virgo, hello!) and know we are not perfect, but our desire for each other is enough…for now:). We are discussing a mini vacation across the border to the US.

Stay tuned for more Mr G updates!

*** In case you were wondering what the photo is of…we went to the Science Museum a few weekends ago and they had a big Lego area. We built what we called “our dream house”. Just some thing silly and testament to our relationship.


-The Brunette

Get Him To The Greek: First Date

Hey Purgators,

Do you see that smile in the photo? That is how I feel when I think about this first date, thanks to Snapchat for being able to capture this glorious smile with its filters haha. It was a perfect first date and one I will probably not forget for a long time. Whether we end up being a thing or not, it always makes you appreciate and remember that there are amazing men out there and that “good” guys do exist.

Okay, where do I begin? So after chatting on that Sunday, we made arrangements to go out that Tuesday. He said he didn’t want to do a typical date of coffee or drinks and how did I feel about an activity? I hesitatingly said sure, because why not? He suggested Archery and I was even more hesitant. But I decided what the hell and went for it, the worst it could be is that I totally suck at it. right?

Unfortunately due to a family emergency that took place Sunday evening, my mom and I had to leave town Monday afternoon to get to my cousin who was in an accident. (He is totally okay now and made a miraculous recovery, it is honestly hard to put in words how relieved I am about this). But that meant my date needed to be moved as I was no longer in town. I messaged Mr Greek to let him know that I had to postpone the date and that I was really sorry. He came back super understanding and saying not to worry and that he was leaving for vacation for 2 weeks on the Wednesday but we can keep chatting while he was gone and then make a date for when he was back. I was relieved he was so understanding but disappointed I was going to have to now wait 2+ weeks till we got to see each other. The two weeks went by in a blur, we chatted most days, got to know each other quite well and planned our official first date since meeting each other almost 3 weeks prior.

We set up the date for a Friday ( I know, breaking ALL my dating rules about no dates on a weekend) as he got back on a Wednesday and that was first day that worked for us. We met at the archery place at 7:30 pm, I was feeling super nervous as he was quiet via text all day. I kept having these thoughts that he wasn’t going to show, I think his lack of messages were throwing me off. I got there early, text him that I was in my car waiting as I wasn’t sure where the entrance was. He arrived and we walked in and we started the date. Archery ended up being really fun and was nice way to get the date started. He was impressed at how well I did and I even managed to get an arrow in the yellow ring ( I was so proud of myself.) We decided after an hour to head for drinks as my fingers were hurting from archery. We took his car and left mine there, made more sense to take one car. We went to a new bar that opened up down the street, we each had a couple drinks and got lost in the chatter of the evening. I looked at my phone at one point and it was already 11, the man can chat! We paid our bill (well he paid, he wouldn’t let me pay!) and he drove me back to my car. We kissed in the car for a while, but with it being winter here, it was way too cold to continue, but we weren’t ready to say good night (ugh, so cheesy). I asked him to come back to my place as it was close by, just so we could chat some more and maybe kiss in warmth. We drove to my place, I gave him the tour and we sat on the couch till probably around 1 am and just talked and kissed, it was the perfect first date.

What was the second date going to bring? I wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t wait to find out!


-The Brunette

Get Him To The Greek

Hey Purgators,

Long time no chat, again! We seem to keep running into this problem of posting and then going into hibernation. Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is the lack of dates, who knows! The days are getting a bit longer, the weather is SLOWLY getting a bit warmer, summer is around the corner!

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Hey Purgators!

We would like to start this post by saying sorry. I know we have been really MIA the last few months…It was never intentional. We both have totally fallen off the dating bandwagon and with that our blog. When we started this blog we were in the thick of dating, we thought the blog would be a fun way for us to document our silly escapades as a time capsule for 50 years from now. When you write about yourself, it allows you to be able to see the ebbs and flows of how your life works, and its taken a hit on this blog! We hit our one year anniversary of starting this blog in October, it has been a fun journey and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings for us in love, relationship and all things in between.

I want to give a little update as last you read, The Brunette was totally smitten with this guy. The key word in that sentence is “was”. End of September things started to take a decline and I noticed him pulling away a bit. I tried to do my best of not overthinking and allowing him to show me he was interested. Unfortunately, things came to screaming stop one Monday evening when he called me to tell me he can’t do this and that we would never work out. I am not going to be one of those girls that are going to try and force them to give another chance, I have done that and it never works out. I had my cry, called The Blonde and cried some more and then on Tuesday morning I decided no more tears will be shed. I enjoyed our time together and it was nice to be reminded that I can have meaningful connection with men and that there is hope for me! As we say “Onto the next one”

Since Spanish boy, my dating life has been pretty stagnant. I went on one date and we talked about doctor assisted suicide (I know) and other then that, I have been pretty non interested in anything dating related.

We are headed on a three week trip with 2 of our besties to Asia in January. If there are any must sees in Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui and Bali, send your tips our way!!! We are so excited, we can hardly contain ourselves!!!

Thanks for following along the last year and cheers to many more!

**The blog post photo was take 2.5 years ago when we were on our Europe trip. Felt like It was appropriate to throwback a photo as it is Thursday after all…


-The Blonde & The Brunette

This Ones Different


Happy Friday Purgators!

Long time no chat! The month of August was crazy with long weekends, weddings, bachelorette parties and birthdays, needless to say it’s been a busy month.

I haven’t been dating much since the beginning of June since I was pretty busy with my personal life and didn’t really see anyone I was interested in on any dating apps. The only app I was actually looking on was Bumble, I seriously love that dating app, it has such a high quality of men compared to other sites.

I had matched with one guy in particular but totally forgot about it until Bumble sent that wonderful notification right before your time is about to expire. I quickly went over his photos and decided he was worth sending a first message to.

Since I was in the middle of my work day and time was expiring fast, I pulled out my lamest opener ever “Hey hey, how was your weekend?” (I know!!!!! SO BAD). Luckily Spanish Boy (nickname because his name has a double R and I was not sure how to pronounce it, after the girls and I went through a million different ways to say it, turns out…its the most easy way ever and thus Spanish boy was born) responded even despite my cheesy opener, WOOT! We chatted for a while and had pleasant conversation back and forth.

Normally I am very forthcoming with giving my number to a guy and usually give it to them before they even ask for it but I sometimes worry my forward style of dating intimates guys, so with Spanish Boy I took a laid back approach. We messaged on the app for a few days, I was getting a bit antsy (shocker) and was telling The Blonde over wine one night that he hasn’t asked for my number and if he is just looking for a pen pal then he better look somewhere else. No joke, at the end of our wine night, I looked at my phone and look who had messaged me their number? SPANISH BOY! Finally, we were slowly making our transition to real life. The conversation flowed and it was so nice to chat to someone who was genuine.

After going back and forth we had settled on a date, it was the first time in a long time that I was actually wanted it to be sooner than the date arranged. We were set to meet on a Wednesday and we had our first phone chat on the Monday prior, it was so nice to chat with someone on the phone and just have a random conversation about nothing in particular. I left that conversation felling totally bubbly.

Finally, Wednesday rolled around and he offered to come pick me up. He was two minutes early and as I was coming down from my building I could see him standing outside his truck with a big smile on his face, how adorable! We exchanged hugs and we were off on our date. As we were driving I asked how his day was and he said he was a nervous wreck all day, he was so anxious for this date as he was so excited to see me. I told him I felt the same way about him. It was so nice to feel the exact same way and be so open and honest with each other.

We decided we wanted to do something that was a bit interactive so we settled on Mini-Golf. He picked a fun course and we were off. We both made little jests and coy little touches as we played but kept it professional (we were playing a serious game of Mini-Golf after all). We had a drink at the place post game (he won, UGH!) and then we hopped back in the truck for the drive home. My sister had been in a car accident on the Monday prior and he knew I had wanted to go see her after our date (she is totally okay, just a bad concussion and shaken up), he was very understanding and didn’t want to keep me out late which was something I really appreciated. We finished the night off with a few kisses in the car and both agreeing we wanted to see each other again.

We spoke that evening to say good night and he sent me my good morning text. I knew this one was going to be different…


-The Brunette

5 Thoughtful Date Ideas Your Man Will Love


5 Thoughtful Date Ideas Your Man Will Love

Happy Monday Purgators! We are super excited to have Elisa McLean as our guest blogger today. Elisa is the founder of Queek’d, the UK’s first dating comparison website.  If you haven’t checked out her website yet, put it on your “to do” list because it will change your dating game entirely. Queek’d understands that everyone is different  when it comes to dating and they’re here to help make your journey easier, simply fill out a fun short quiz and let Queek’d do the rest. Now, without further ado, here’s Elisa: 

Often in the dating world, dates seem to be geared towards ‘wooing’ the woman, and lets face it, most of us are quite OK with that! There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple – drinks and dinner, cinema and drinks, picnics in the park etc. And there’s every chance if the guy is into you he won’t really give too much of a damn where you both are, as long as you’re together. However, in today’s modern world of equal opportunities, here are 5 great date ideas for you ladies to gear towards your new fella – find out more about him and experience something new together.

This must be underwater love

Obviously most guys won’t shy away from seeing you in your bikini, which can be a little daunting. But lets not forget, more men than ever before are insecure about their bodies too, so this is a chance for you both to bare a little flesh and become more comfortable with each other. Water brings fun and a little bit of youth to any date. You could visit a water park together, or take a water related class together like a diving or lifeguarding class. So dare to bare and get a little more comfortable with each other in a fun environment!

Get sweaty!

Of course this doesn’t refer to between the sheets fun, after all that doesn’t quite count as a proper date (and if he thinks it does, he’s probably not marriage material!). We’re talking about sports and activities. Men are practical creatures who like hands on action. So why not get moving and book a rock climbing session or an afternoon paintballing (we’ve all seen 10 Things I Hate About You, thank you Heath) and get sweaty together. If it’s competitive and you’re not prone to stamping your feet if you lose, he’ll see some real passion in you and both your hearts will beat faster, together.

Science fan

Lots of men love science. If he has an inner nerd, he will love getting all Mentos and Cola with you. Maybe try the science museum if you want a bit of a laugh (remember to steer clear of the static ball if you want your hair to stay put!). Or you could mix the science stuff with the romance and get involved in some stargazing. If there’s a planetarium nearby you could both do it properly on a clear night (lots of planetariums do special couples nights, especially on Valentine’s Day). Or if you’ve known him a while and trust him, consider going back to basics, taking some hot chocolate and thick quilts and heading out to the sticks to look up at the sky together. To read more about the best stargazing spots, take a look at this link;

Get creative

Depending on the type of guy you’re swooning over at the minute, he may veer more towards the creative than the active, so this could be the perfect way to bring him out of his shell. Obviously you’ll need to think about creative things he’s interested in; otherwise you could end up with a very awkward date! But things like a painting class or a sculpting class can be a good laugh and if you’re in a larger group there’s less pressure on the ‘romantic’ side of things. However if you’re both confident, get a private booking on the go and enjoy the privacy of abit of one on one!

Go do something he loves

Has he mentioned that he loves Ice Hockey? Does he have a soft spot for acoustic open mic nights? Does he just love Lee Evans? If he has mentioned something he loves to do or a sport he loves, why not treat him to some tickets and go get involved in something that really makes him smile. How thoughtful is it when a guy goes out of his way to remember things you’ve said you love and bought you tickets for it or arranged for you both to go do it; well the same applies the other way around. He will most definitely go a little gooey for you if you take him to go do something he loves, and who knows, you could develop a new passion too!

Remember if he’s really into you, he won’t care what you do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a bit and line up some fun activities you know he’ll love. You’ll find out more about him and he’ll be raving to his mates about how cool his new date is.

No Kids, No Problem

No Kids, No Problem

Happy Friday Purgators!

It’s been a hot minute since the last time I’ve posted anything on here – I guess the whole summer holiday’s mentality kind of got the best of me. Anyways, as nice as it’s been taking it easy, I miss everyone and decided it was time for me to dust off the old blogging skills and put them to good use. Read More

The Secret to Stop Chasing Bad Boys

The Secret To Stop Chasing Bad Boys (2)Happy Monday Purgators!

We are back with a guest post by a fellow Canadian, Rachel Esco. Rachel reached out to us with a few different topics and we loved what she had to share, plus she is super cute and who doesn’t love a cute, smart and nice Canadian;).  So without further ado – here is Rachel’s post!

We all love a little bad boy edge — that sexy, aloof attitude combined with his come-hither eyes—it’s like an adrenaline shot straight to the heart. Bam! All your senses are sky-rocketing off the charts. Now, as exhilarating as this high may be, there’s rarely ever a happy ending to the story. Bad boys are usually all charm and no commitment, leaving you chasing a fairy-tale dream that will never be. So, at what point between sacrificing your sanity and self-respect, do you ever take a step back and ask yourself, “What the hell am I doing?”

This bad boy drama cliché has been experienced by so many amazing women– smart, attractive, successful ones– who spend their lives chasing the wrong guy and ignoring all the warning signals. Well, it’s time to start waking up and knowing when to get off the roller coaster. Start putting yourself first by learning some simple truths to help you wean off your bad boy habit.

When he makes you feel insecure

It doesn’t take a relationship expert to tell you how lousy it feels when the guy you want treats you badly. Yet, unable to resist his mysterious charms, you chase him anyway, determined to change his careless ways. And when he doesn’t change (surprise), you simply stick around to soothe your bruised ego, trying to prove that you can still have him. Along this shallow path to nowhere, your confidence takes a huge hit because you’re putting in all the leg work and emotions. You’re left feeling insecure and unlovable, simply because you’ve chosen to cling onto an unavailable dude, expecting to turn coal to gold. So, save yourself the pain and never get hooked on a guy who doesn’t deserve your love.

You forget what’s really matters

As you persist in your bad boy addictions, you begin to lose sight of what real relationships feel like. A healthy match is incredibly positive and energizing, and you’re never left wondering why he didn’t call or why he doesn’t want to be exclusive.

The bad boys make you feel empty and unwanted. Instead, date someone who will give you trust, love and respect, while also giving you that rush of heart-pounding excitement—just minus the bad boy poison.

You question your attractiveness as a mate

When facing so many rejections and screened calls, you start to question your attractiveness as a mate. You may wonder things like, “maybe I’m not good enough” or “what if I’m just not desirable”. These negative thoughts are caused by your damaging dating choices. As you continue to pursue men who are charming yet unavailable, you’ll only fall into the same destructive pattern, leaving you feeling sad and unattractive. Bottom line, if you want to hold your head up high and keep your confidence intact, never enter this miserable dating maze in the first place.

If your current dating app is the problem, there’s tons of guys out there who aren’t all bad boys. Apps like POF and Tinder are notorious for quick bedroom shenanigans, while apps like Match or “WhoWinkedMe” are great for people hoping to find the one. Perhaps using the right dating app may set you on a healthy path, far away from your usual boy choices.

You never find the one

Are you more concerned with the thrill of having a bad boy, rather than finding the one? If you’re convinced that you can have both, it’s no wonder you’re always stuck in some endless soap opera you call a “love life”. Learn this: If he’s the right guy, you won’t spend all of your time pining for him—you’ll be too busy being with him. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate your priorities and decide if your woman enough to grow out of your bad boy phase and find long-term happiness.

Once you kick away your girlish fantasies about the perfect bad boy, you can focus on finding a real man. Let the bad boys be a long lost part of your past along with your other juvenile vices like drunk dials and bubble gum. Think about it.