And Here Goes Nothing…

And Here Goes nothing

So here we are, on a Friday night; Netflix and chilling if you will. Two single girls, sitting on the couch in our oversized sweatshirts, looking at our Tinder accounts to check our next potential first dates – literally we are co-conversing with someone as we write.

The stories we are going to share are all personal stories that have happened to us. Names and places may be changed to protect the privacy of ourselves — we don’t want to lose our first date reputation by this blog or anything (insert tongue winky face emoji here).

Here’s the 411 on who we are:

The Brunette:

  • The self-proclaimed “queen of first dates”
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Holds membership on several different dating websites (Christian Mingle was only an afterthought)
  • Super outgoing and doesn’t understand how anyone could be in a relationship with a quiet person
  • Loves dogs, travelling and food

The Blonde:

  • The self-proclaimed “commitaphobe”
  • Wishes she could just skip all the firsts and jump right into the double dates and dinner parties
  • Has a love/hate relationship with Tinder — deletes account on a bi-weekly basis…but keeps crawling back for more
  • Loves pop culture, shopping and all those basic bitch things the brunette likes

That’s us in a nutshell, hope you enjoy.


The Blonde & The Brunette

*Little disclaimer: this blog is not meant to bring anyone down or make fun of other dating styles; these are simply the situations we find humorous during our otherwise pitiful attempt at finding true love.


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