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Happy Halloween weekend Purgators!

We racked our brains trying to think of good Halloween related stories but none of them were really worth sharing (they had more to do with FWB’s than they did with first dates). But, let us tell you a scary story, a story about a ghost…or more like ghosting (urban dictionary it if you don’t know what that means).

I (the blonde) have a confession to make — I have been on Tinder for almost a year and a half and it took me close to a year to go on my first date. Is it obvious yet how much I hate first dates?

Fast forward to June 2015 when I met a guy that caught my attention, we will call him Daniel.* Daniel was on holidays when we first began chatting and we had entertaining and humorous conversations for the first couple weeks. Finally, he was back in the city and we made plans to go out.

We met at a local coffee shop (I have yet to go out for an alcoholic beverage on a first date, how is that even possible?), we went for a leisurely walk, and that pretty much sums it up. I went on two dates with Daniel, there was nothing bad about him and/or the dates, he just didn’t give me that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, kind of stuff (if you can name that reference one gold star for you).

So, I did what I do best…I ghosted him. Now, please hang tight for our midweek hustle on ghosting tips, which I will go more in-depth on because I could actually write a manual on how to properly ghost — this is just the cole’s notes version. Daniel text me, and I did not text him back, he text me again, and once again I did not respond; my heart shrunk two sizes that day but with that being said, the Daniel chapter closed before it even began. Sorry Daniel.

Takeaway Message: Don’t talk to someone for too long over text, that allows for over-hype. High expectations are never a good thing.


The Blonde & The Brunette

*Have a safe weekend and remember, Tinder dates are for all holidays.


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