Midweek Hustle: Tinder Trolls

midweek hustle

Happy Hump Day!

I have been a victim of Tinder trolling twice now and it’s kind of driving me crazy!

Here’s how it goes down — I’m doing a lot of swiping left when all of the sudden I stumble across Mr. Gorgeous (aka a troll). His pictures show an extremely good looking guy, I mean so good looking that when I see them I think to myself, “there’s no way this guy lives in my city.” Obviously I should go with my gut, guys like that are not from around these parts, but against all better judgement I swipe right. And look at that, it’s a match!

The first trolling incident went something like this; as soon as we matched Mr. Gorgeous messaged me instantly. I had an off feeling about the whole thing so I did a little investigating. Thanks to Google image search I found that the Mr. Gorgeous in the picture was not actually 10km away but more like a beautiful Instagram model living in L.A. Just as I was about to call this little troll out on his actions he changed his pictures to the real him, it was like he knew that I caught on to him. Now the guy wasn’t a bad looking guy but seriously, that was his move?! Lure girls in by posing as some hot Instagram model and then once they start talking to you, change your profile picture to the real you? Who on earth would logically think that that’s a good idea?! Tinder is based 100% off initial physical attraction, I swiped right because I thought I was swiping right for Mr. Gorgeous. Obviously after realizing I just got trolled, the last thing I wanted to do was talk to this guy, I was annoyed and offended. So, I simply copied the link to the Instagram model he was posing as and pasted it in our conversation before quickly un-matching him.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago on a cold, rainy Friday evening and I was doing what I do best, swiping left. I came across this smoking hot, tall, blonde guy who claimed to be 21 in his bio even though his profile said 27 (red flag right there). Again, I thought this could possibly be a Tinder troll but I’ll look into it if we match and he ever talks to me. Sure enough, we matched and the next evening he messaged me “let’s hangout.” Wow, this super hot guy wants to hang out with little ol’ me? Too good to be true. Again, thanks to the ever faithful Google image search I found out the guy in the picture was actually a model from Philadelphia (who I now follow on Instagram — he’s hot). This trolling situation boggled my mind; the guy poses as someone else and then the first thing he asks me to do is meet up! Did he not think about the fact that when we met in person he would look nothing like the guy in the pictures? Unless he was planning on murdering me his plan was destined for failure from the very beginning.

I know that out of the year and a half I’ve been Tindering, two trolls aren’t bad odds and the fact that I caught on to them before anything ever happened is even better but in all honesty, who trolls on Tinder?! It’s an app where the sole point is to meet up in person, do these people not think about how awkward it’s going to be when their trolling ways are exposed?

For those who swipe right on a potential “too good to be true”, there is a handy little tool called Google, use it! Simply go to Google images, click on the little camera in the right hand side of the search bar and upload a screenshot of the potential trollers photo. It’s a great tool and will save you the time and annoyance of being victim to a Tinder troll.

Takeaway Message: I know there usually isn’t a takeaway message for the Midweek Hustle but I feel that there is a very important moral to this story. DO NOT TROLL! There is no situation where that is going to work out, eventually the truth will come out and then you just look like an fool who is too insecure of their true identity. Just be yourself and be confident — confidence is a huge turn on.

Happy swiping!


The Blonde


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