Rejection Isn’t Just For Guys

Happy Friday Purgators!

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When it comes to dating, women tend to get a bad rep as being the rejectors, men often times complain about approaching women based solely on the possibility of getting rejected — so today we want to debunk that stigma.

I met Peter* where I do the majority of my eligible bachelors…on Tinder. Peter and I got off to a really good start and quickly realized we had a lot in common. He asked me out for drinks, I accepted, and a date was set. We met at a local beer hall on a Friday night (aka Prime Real Estate Night — I was so naive back then), and I was immediately drawn to his tall stature and his quirky good looks.

The date itself went really well, we had lot’s to talk about, 2.5 hours worth to be exact and we both left wanting more….or so I thought. After we went our separate ways I got the immediate follow-up text (always a good sign) and within an hour he was asking me over to make dinner on Sunday.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon when he drops the bomb via text message; the lame excuse that his ex-girlfriend randomly came back to town and they were going to try and give it another shot (rolling my eyes as I write this). I was shocked, he had never mentioned anything about being recently single and had told me several times prior that he was looking for a relationship, I felt totally led on. This one really hurt, he was a good guy, with a great job, had his own home — basically he checked the main boxes on my list. It’s always a disappointment when you meet someone who has potential and they don’t see that same potential in you; so harsh but so true.

Takeaway Message: Rejections sucks; big time. Nothing is worse than realizing that you’re not good enough for someone else but that being said life is too short to allow one bad apple to spoil the bunch. I had fun, learned a little about myself and at the end of the day if you can find a way to grow from a shitty experience that’s all that counts. Rejection sucks but it’s how you pick yourself up after that shows your true character and someone will admire that…one day.


The Brunette


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