Midweek Hustle: You Made It Past The First Date — Now What?


Happy Tuesday Purgators! We are posting a day early on account of Remembrance Day.

You made it past the first date, it was everything you thought it would be and more. You received the “we should do this again sometime soon” text and there was a follow-through. You have a second date, I repeat, you have a second date! So now what?

We don’t know if your friends are like ours but we tend to get inundated with a million questions ranging from, “when are you seeing each other again?”, “where are you going next?” and “when are you going to sleep with him (or her)?” All very good questions but all a tad bit overwhelming.

First date you got to know the general likes and dislikes of one another. So now do you plan an activity, a dinner, or show off your culinary skills at your apartment? Some really great options, but is there a right one? The short answer, no!

Everyone has their own unique dating styles. Basically, what works for some might not work for others and what works for others may not work for some. We suggest communicating with the potential bf/gf and articulate what your expectations are for your second, third and hundredth date. Go with your gut, it won’t lead you astray. So pick up that cellphone and plan that second date, you’ve got nothing to loose!


The Blonde & The Brunette


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