All Talk, No Walk


Happy Friday Purgators!

As we sit here trying to think of great content to share, our minds tend to gravitate towards The Brunette’s stories as there seems to be a bit more to share (she really needs a dating detox, but that’s for another post). This story spans over the course of six months and needs to be shared on account of following through with your word.

Justin* and I met on Tinder, he was like, really cute and we exchanged phone numbers. We talked quite a bit over text but never made any plans to meet up. Like a lot of my Tinder matches who eventually get my phone number, Jared added me on Snapchat. He stopped talking to me over text and in all honesty I was fine with it, until one day, a couple months later when he started talking to me via Snapchat text…seriously? He kept asking me when we were going to hang out and I did what any self-respecting woman would do and told him I would only make plans with him over the phone. Justin told me that he didn’t have my number (which he did) and asked me to text him, so I did, this pattern repeated itself a couple times. Eventually I got tired of Snapchat messaging him and cut all communication.

Fast forward to middle of September when I received a very interesting text one evening, this said text was from none other than Justin himself. He sent the standard “hey, what’s up?” text. I tried to put his silly ways behind me and give him another shot (or should I say, the Brunette forced me to text him back). He asked when we could hang out, suggesting a Saturday night but we all know weekends are prime real estate and reserved for only the best. Now in full disclosure, the Brunette text him back suggesting we meet on a Thursday night but alas they settled on Friday early evening for a quick drink. I had a feeling this date might not actually happen based on his text message which said, and I quote, “Yeah, I think I could make that happen.” And that my friends, was it! I heard nothing from Justin, not even on the Friday we had so called plans, he completely fell off the face of the earth…come to think of it, I think he deleted me off Snapchat.

Takeaway Message: Don’t waste your time on “Fuck Boys.” Period. The End. That’s the end of the story folks. Okay, maybe not quite the end of the story; online dating can tend to be a little superficial and although we may not meet up with everyone that we speak to, if such an effort is put in there should at least be a follow through.


The Blonde


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