Mid-Week Hustle: Everything You Need To Know About Ghosting

Dubai, UAE - March 2013

Happy Humpday Purgators!

A post relating to ghosting has been sitting in our draft box for quite a while now as we figure out a way to constructively discuss this odd dating phenomenon.

If you’re not familiar with ghosting, here’s the Urban Dictionary definition. Ouch, right? This technique is definitely not for the faint of heart aka the Brunette. The Blonde on the other hand, has a heart of fucking stone and feels no remorse when it comes to cutting off all forms of communication.

So, without further ado, here are the Blondes top five thoughts on ghosting:

  1. It’s not you, it’s me: When I ghost someone I can talk about how there was “no spark” until the cows come home but in all honesty, it has to do with my fear of commitment and the fact that I’ve been overthinking everything to the point of not wanting to pursue things any further — now try explaining that to someone….yeah, it’s not that easy, hence why I ghost.
  2. Karma’s a bitch: If you’re going to ghost you can’t complain when someone does the same to you. I’ve been ghosted (you’ll hear the dirty details about that one in a later post) and it hurt, badly. I had to tell myself though, it’s a taste of my own medicine and what goes around comes around. If I’m going to cut all communication with some poor, unsuspecting guy, I can’t complain when someone does the same to me.
  3. It might be the “easy way out” but it’s not easy: Ignoring texts is not easy, especially when the person texting truly means well. I feel like a total wench every time I choose to ghost someone but to me, I would rather do that than have any type of confrontation — to each their own, right?
  4. It’ll most likely happen to you: If you’re a member of the dating world, chances are you have been or will be ghosted at some point throughout your dating career.
  5. We’ve all got a style: Everyone has a style of dating and thus being said, everyone has a stance on ghosting. For some people it’s second nature and others it is down right rude and insensitive — it’s just another reminder that we’re all different but as long as you stay true to yourself and carry yourself in a way that you’re comfortable with, that’s all that matters.

So there it is, my top five thoughts on ghosting! Now get out there and do you!


The Blonde (and The Brunette)


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