Expiry Date(ing)

Expiry Date(ing)

Happy Friday Purgators!

Warning: Things are about to get a little sappy up in here — we’ll be back to our regular scheduled ridiculousness next week!

This love story begins one late Tuesday night doing what I do best, swiping. I came across this cute, slightly dorky guy named Eric— something about him intrigued me so I swiped right. It was a match and he immediately struck up a conversation. He asked me why I was up so late, which was odd because it was only 10:30pm. He quickly asked, “where are you?” I then realized I matched with somebody who wasn’t in my city (quick side note: this was before Tinder Premium where people can pay to swipe in different cities). Oddly enough, the app was showing he was only 5km away, this was a mystery to both of us, which we later discovered was due to a glitch in his iPad. We continued chatting and eventually exchanged numbers and began texting.

My friends and family couldn’t believe I was talking to a guy in another province and neither could I. It was crazy to think I was starting to get the feels for a guy who lived in a different city altogether but before I knew it (three weeks later) I was on a plane destined for Toronto to meet Eric.

I had one of the most amazing weekends getting to know a complete stranger in a different city, what a trip for a hopeless romantic like myself — this came as a relief to all my friends and family back home, constantly checking up on me making sure I was still alive.

Eric and I went back and forth between each of our cities for five months. We both got to experience some crazy trips and had the chance to see some really great cities. We knew this romance wouldn’t last forever, it just wasn’t sustainable with the distance and all. However, I would never take back the time that I spent with Eric and we are still friends to this day. We talk about our exciting adventures and those memories will always put a smile on our faces.

Although I like to go on dates and I can be portrayed as some kind of adventurous girl this was hands down the scariest thing I had ever done. Making myself vulnerable to the possibility of really liking somebody yet knowing I could never be with them long term taught me a lot about myself (PG-13: sexually as well as emotionally).

Takeaway Message: Don’t let “what-if’s” scare you from going after something. Life is too short for regrets and sometimes you just have take the plunge. It’s more about the journey than the destination anyway, right?


The Brunette


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