Midweek Hustle: To Pay, Or Not To Pay — That Is The Question

Midweek Hustle-2

Happy Humpday Purgators!

The internet is littered with posts regarding the etiquette of who should pay on dates. We’re here to give our two cents on this popular topic, because obviously our opinion is the most important.

Traditional practices would have taught us as women that the man should pay on the date, however times are changing and we as 21st century women have to keep up. We pride ourselves in being feminists and don’t expect one sex to be more financially invested than the other. Plot twist, we both have never paid for a first date though.

The Blondes rule of thumb is the person who initiates the first date should pay, The Brunette on the other hand allows the guy, without question to pay for the first date, regardless of who initiated. To each their own, really.

As relationships progress these little rules become more obsolete. We do believe that relationships should be equal and that includes financial equality as well. One person should not feel like they’re paying more than the other because that can lead to feelings of entitlement and eventually resentment.

Takeaway Message: Don’t be afraid to pull out…your wallet.


The Blonde & The Brunette


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