Conversation — Shouldn’t Be Like Pulling Teeth


Happy last Friday of November Purgators!

As the Brunette and I were talking about one of her latest dates this week, I was reminded of a date that although is easy to forget in all aspects was memorable for the fact that conversation did not come easy. It was like one of those awkward dates you see in the movies where the small talk was anything but flowing.

I met Babe Ruth* (think chocolate bar) via Tinder and eventually made plans — as the Brunette and I are racking our brains trying to remember why I agreed to go out with him, I recall admiring the fact that he was an accountant (#SuperficialForTheWin).

We met up at a trendy restaurant on the coldest night of the year. I kept hoping he would cancel due to weather, as I do with all my dates. I arrived first and waited about ten minutes for him to get there (our rule of thumb: the one asking out should always be the first arrive). Once we sat down and began talking I quickly realized Babe Ruth and I just didn’t click. We didn’t have much in common and in all honesty the chemistry just wasn’t there. I truly appreciate going out with someone where conversation comes easy because I’m not one for constantly being on top of what to talk about next.

The date ended after one drink (not the best sign), we hugged goodbye and that was it. No follow up text later that night, come to think of it, I probably told him “all the best” as I walked away.

Takeaway Message: Flowing conversation is a great way to tell if you have chemistry with someone. If you have to force convo, it’s probably not meant to be.


The Blonde


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