Call Me Daddy

Call Me Daddy

Happy Friday Purgators!

In my never ending quest to satisfy not only my emotional urges but also my sexual ones, I try to keep an open mind with my potential romantic conquests.

Daddy* immediately struck up conversation on OK Cupid. He was cute, not exactly my (physical) type but what the hell, why not? He never alluded to having any children or the fact that he had been married previously but expressed he was looking for something casual, more of an FWB kind of understanding — I’m not one to turn down a good lay.

We agreed to meet at a restaurant to for drinks and let things go from there. That was when Daddy dropped the bomb…he was, as the nickname suggests, a daddy of two. I hoped he didn’t notice me choke a little on my wine. As the date neared to an end Daddy asked me if I wanted to come over — oh, what the hell, I’m never going to date this guy so I might as well sleep with him.

We left the restaurant, picked up a bottle of wine and made the long trek to his place located outside the city. Netflix and chill was definitely in the cards for our evening and as the popular saying suggests, one thing led to another and before you knew it, it was done…no really, it was that quick. *The Blonde would like to add, she refers to him as the “One Pump Chump” for any of you who still might not get what we’re hinting at.

Since Daddy lived so far away and we had one too many glasses of wine we decided it was best for me to stay the night until we were okay to drive the next day. We woke up a few hours later, hopped in the car and endured a silent and long car ride home.

Takeaway Message: We all have that “Bucket List” which ranges from kissing in the rain to sleeping with a dad. Although they aren’t always what we expected them to be, I can safely cross that one off my list and not go back…until the next dad(dy).


The Brunette


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