Game, Set, Match.

Game, Set, Match.

Happy Friday Purgators!

We all have individual dating rules or quirks, little games that we play with our potential love interests but as the rules of karma apply; what goes around comes around.

Afriend Ravi Patel (a name my sister and I gave to him — inside joke to the max) was a guy who’s name was always floating around but constantly remained a mystery. He’s the type of guy that all of our friends wanted to date, know or even just be around. He’s good looking, great job and has a social life that guys only dream of — his only downfall (or so I thought) was that he was vertically challenged.

We matched several times on Tinder (oh the dreaded match/un-match game) but like they say, third times a charm and that’s when he struck up a conversation. Surprisingly, we hit it off really well and for the first time ever, I could actually see myself in a relationship with someone.

Afriend and I quickly set a first date and met up at a local city attraction. We picked up iced coffees, walked around and got to know each other for the next couple hours, it was a great first date. Immediately after the first date I got the coveted follow-up text and we set a lunch date for two days later.

Much like the first date, the second date filled with steady conversation and tangible chemistry; needless to say we both left wanting more.

The weekend rolled away and we were exchanging some PG Snaps when things took an unexpected turn. He invited me over to his place, I declined (politely of coarse) and that was it…I never heard from him again. He unmatched me on all social media platforms and cut all communication within  hours. I had been ghosted but not because he wasn’t interested but because I wouldn’t give him what he wanted in the time frame that he wanted it (aka A$AP). This was definitely the shittiest I felt about a guy in a long time, I was not expecting this type of rejection that quick. Damn, that medicine tastes bitter.

Takeaway Message: My mantra through this situation was “Move On and Move Up.” I was just getting over someone else and Afriend had certain additional characteristics that were more appealing than the last one. This situation taught me that there are of plenty of fish in the sea and although he checked more boxes than the last guy, I think it’s best for me to keep swimming.


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