Midweek Hustle: But First, Can I Have Your Number?

Midweek Hustle_

Happy Humpday Purgators!

This week we both experienced something new for the first time – excessive messaging/calling which lead to us each blocking a number. Now you’re probably asking, why did we give out our number in the first place? Let us explain.

A phone number can be given out for several reasons. We can all agree that communication via an app can be a bit of a nuisance, those annoying notifications or sometimes lack there of (causing you to miss messages all together) are no fun to deal with. Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity solely based on your inability to check your go-to dating sites every couple minutes. Missed connections aren’t the only reason why we tend to pass along our digits to mystery men (or women) – who likes having the whole world know they’re talking to people on dating apps? You can only hide your screen for so long before those 20 Tinder messages pop up.

Although giving your number out is fairly harmless most of the time and is used specifically to make plans and/or build that budding relationship – there are those cases that the decision to give your number completely backfires and you’re left wondering ‘what on earth did I do?’

If you have given out your number and regret that decision upon receiving       a) excessive phone calls b) excessive texts/annoying texts or c) the nutorious ‘all talk no walk‘ there is a simple and painless solution – the art of blocking. Now, you might think this is a tad harsh and why can’t we just tell them to bugger off. However our said ‘blockee’s’ have crossed a certain line in our mind that we deem inappropriate, thus we owe them no explanation and feel it acceptable to simply block them.

Going forward we will both think twice about giving our number to a potential Tinder lover because nothing is more scary than seeing a random name pop up on your call display seven times in a row.


-The Blonde & The Brunette



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