Midweek Hustle: Q & A

Midweek Hustle_-2

Happy Humpday Purgators!

We’re counting down the days until Christmas and can’t wait for that overdue break #grind. Not only will we be taking a break from work and our diets but we will also be taking a short hiatus from our dating chronicles. We will be back in full force a week from now (December 30th).

We decided to mix things up a bit, maybe it’s the “New Year, New Me” talk that’s getting to us, but we thought it would be fun let our inner Dianne Sawyer out and ask each other a couple questions. So, here goes nothing…

1. The Blonde: Do you ever get tired of going on first dates?

The Brunette: Sometimes, but then I won’t go on them. I believe that you should do anything as long as you’re having fun with it and I’m still having fun.

2. The Brunette: What would be your ideal first date?

The Blonde: Honestly, I would love to go for dinner just once. I feel like if a guy asks you out for dinner he’s serious, and that would be nice for a change.

3. The Blonde: If you could give me one piece of dating advice that I had to follow, what would it be?

The Brunette: JUST DO IT! It’s never as bad as you make it out to be in your head. Honestly, just fucking do it.

4. The Brunette: What’s your biggest emotional turn-on and physical turn-on?

The Blonde: My biggest emotional turn-on is when someone can make me feel like I’ve known them forever. I love being able to be my true self around someone and have a flowing conversation. My biggest physical turn-on, and I know this might sound cliche, is nice eyes. I tend to gravitate towards guys with deep brown eyes – they’re so intriguing.

5. The Blonde: At what point in a first date do you know whether or not you have chemistry with someone?

The Brunette: The first hug is usually a good sign when it comes that initial buzz or feeling of attraction. As of recently I have been known to go in for the kiss on a first date. Reason being, it’s a true test to feel if there’s any chemistry there. Nothing is worse than a bad kisser.

6. The Brunette: What’s something you have learned after stating up this blog?

The Blonde: I have learned to push myself to go on more dates. If it wasn’t for this blog, I probably wouldn’t go on any dates and would be perfectly content in the thought of thinking Mr. Right might magically appear on my front doorstep. Plus I need content for every second week.


-The Blonde & The Brunette


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