New Year, Old Ghost

New Year, Old Ghost

Happy New Years Purgators (wow, we take one week off and forget how to spell ‘Purgators’).

Since we’re ringing in 2016 we thought it would be appropriate to write a New Years related post. There is one story that sticks out and we felt we just had to share it. Get some champagne, hell it’s New Years, and get comfy because this is going to be a good one.

This story takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on the first day of 2014. My travel buddy and I were cooped up in our hostel since everything else was closed that day. After a quick venture around the neighbourhood we decided we were quite thirsty and started to get the drinking underway early. A few beers and a couple short hours later we were feeling pretty good about ourselves and life in general. One of our hostel buddies and his friends joined us and the fun continued. There was one guy in their group that caught my attention or as I like to say “gave good face.” Before I knew it I was chatting with Burt* — although my travel buddy would say we stared into each others eyes and giggled for six hours straight #PuppyLove. The chemistry between Burt and I was like nothing I’ve ever felt before, the fact that I could communicate with someone without using words was something very rare.

Fast forward a couple days later when I was back home (aka England at the time) and after giving him my phone number on a tiny piece of paper that he lost I took matters into my own hands and added him on Facebook. We struck up conversation and the conversation kept going for over a year. Even though we were in different countries (he was travelling and then went back home to Canada) we talked every day and even got a couple FaceTimes in there. He was truly something special and I have no doubt in my mind that if we lived in the same city, it would have been magic. Unfortunately distance got between us and neither of us could make the trip to our respected cities. We both moved on, with the occasional catch up every once in a while. He will be a ghost that is always welcome in my life no matter how much it pains me to see that he has moved on.

Takeaway Message: There is always going to be that person who you ask yourself “were they the one?” but at the end of the day you have to accept the decisions you both made and learn from them.


-The Blonde



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