The King Of All “Fuck Boys”

The King Of All Fuck Boys

Happy Friday Purgators!

I’ve been putting off this particular story for quite some time now as I feel a bit embarrassed and also it was a major “WTF” moment.

I saw Evan* on OkCupid a few times, we had chatted once before but nothing really came of it until he struck up conversation once again and that’s where our story begins. Evan was a tall, good looking guy who exuded confidence, what’s there not to be attracted to? He was very forward and didn’t hide his interests. We met up a couple days after our first conversation, he insisted on picking me up and I didn’t feel like putting up a fight so I obliged. We went out for drinks and in the midst of our conversations I made the connection that he knew my co-worker. Now, if you know my co-worker he would not want to be brought up on one of my dating ventures and would definitely not set me up with any of his friends (aka Evan). I did try to bring up my co-worker in a casual form, asking if he knew him and Evan played dumb. I couldn’t figure out why this guy was acting like we didn’t have a mutual friend but didn’t want to push it as maybe he felt the same way my co-worker did.

Fast forward to the end of the date, we made out in the car, talked about how great of a date it was and how we needed to do it again soon. I got the follow up text saying “I had a great time” and I responded the next morning never to hear from him again.

About six weeks later, I noticed Evan checked out my OKCupid profile. A few minutes later I received a text from him saying, “hey.” Normally I would not respond but I was drunk with the girls and felt like having a good time, so I did what any self-respecting woman would do and booty called him. I made him work his ass off that night, including paying for my taxi and buying pizza. Next thing you know, we’re making out on his couch and one thing led to another…you get the hint.

After a short nights sleep I woke up in a haze, looking for Evan next to me — he was no where to be found. I looked around his condo and couldn’t find him anywhere, finally I sent him a text asking where he was. He responded with, “are you awake? I had to step out to take a call from a friend who lives in Thailand.” I thought his response was strange but brushed it off and fell back asleep. A couple hours later I woke up and Evan still wasn’t back. I called and text him several times with no answer. I was was confused as what to do next, do I leave his condo? trash the place? but alas I settled on calling my best friend and getting her to pick me up.

That was it, murder she wrote, I never heard from him again.

Takeaway Message: Sometimes we go against what our gut tells us is right and wrong. I made a decision based on sexual desires rather than practical intuition. Evan is a story that I try to erase from my memory but remember it every day.


-The Brunette


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