Midweek Hustle: Our Top 5 Dating Apps Ranked

the best

Happy Humpday Purgators!

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This week as we were texting one another we realized we had some things to say about our most frequently used dating apps, so we’ve compiled a with our complete ranking of the best, worst and everything in between.

5. Match.com: On the first day of writing this blog we both signed up for Match.com with very high expectations based mostly on their commercials featuring extremely good looking people. A couple hours later, we both deactivated our accounts. Why you may ask? Two reasons, 1) The people on the app were not as good looking as the ones in the advertisements 2) You couldn’t do anything on the app without paying. We think these two deal breakers go hand in hand, if the supply was there, the demand would be there as well (Economics 101). We would both be more willing to pay for Match.com’s services if the pool to choose from was more quality.

4. Plenty Of Fish: Quality of suitors are that of Match.com, if not less. The only thing that ranks this app higher is that it’s free. You’ll never have a shortage of people messaging you #EgoBoost.

3. Bumble: In regards to quality, we think that Bumble is by far the highest out of all dating apps that we’ve tried. Not only are the guys attractive but they are usually well educated or professional athletes. The main premise of the app is for women to chat up the men first, which is appealing to all us feminists out there. The problem with Bumble is even though women may start the conversation, in our experience the guys we talk to do nothing to keep the conversation flowing. Oftentimes if they do respond, it’s short and uneventful — nothing to write home about. Even though the looks are there, the social skills seem to be lacking, which is too bad because there is a lot of potential.

2. OkCupid: This website/app is free and you can get everything you want out of it without paying (i.e. sending and receiving messages). The extensive questionnaire is really great when it comes to figuring out whether you are compatible on a social level, you get a real sense of people’s interests and values. OkCupid has similar quality of men as our #1 rated app, it just provides more information. The downside to OKC is getting over solicited by guys you’re not interested in and anyone can view your profile anywhere in the world, hello Finland!

1. Tinder: As you can tell from the majority of our stories, we love Tinder. This app has by far the most selection of guys, we think it’s most likely because it’s not necessarily associated as a dating app per say. We appreciate that the only people who can talk to you are people you are interested in/matched with, so you’re not being bombarded with messages from a million randoms. Tinder is very convenient, it’s an easy app to use for meeting someone right away. We appreciate the fact that general expectation is kept to a minimum resulting in less pressure on the first date. All in all, Tinder is our #1 and if you don’t have it, what are you waiting for?


-The Blonde & The Brunette


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