Karma’s A Bitch

Karma's a Betch

Happy Friday Purgators!

As many of you know, I am the self-proclaimed “Queen of Ghosting.” Now, this is not a title I’m proud of and I have been working at being more upfront and honest — this story is kind of the reason why I’ve been working on myself in an attempt to not ghost anymore.

I met Reggie* on Tinder (duh) and went against all my general rules when I swiped right on his profile that included only one actual photo of himself. I don’t even know what intrigued me about him but he struck up conversation and off to the races we went.

We set a date fairly soon after we starting talking and agreed to meet up at a restaurant a few blocks from my place. Normally before a date my stomach is in knots and The Brunette is texting me words of encouragement/forcing me not to cancel. This date on the other hand was different, I wasn’t feeling anxious and didn’t have that incessant need to cancel.

As I walked up to the table I was pleasantly surprised to that Reggie wasn’t a catfish and in fact looked better than his photos. We drank wine and our conversation flowed naturally. A couple hours later we decided to call it a night and Reggie ever so kindly offered to walk me home. I declined and politely hugged him goodbye — yes, you read that correctly, I hugged him.

I went home feeling great about that date, even after my dud of a goodbye. I was also confident that he felt the same even though I didn’t receive any kind of follow up text. The next day I struck up conversation in hopes that it would let him know I was interested. We continued light conversation throughout the day, even making tentative plans to meet up the following week. Things died down until a few hours later, right after the clock struck midnight, I received my final message from Reggie saying “I didn’t tell you this face to face but you’re gorgeous.” I did respond back and to this day have heard nothing from him. He unmatched me on Tinder (according to The Brunette who just checked my Tinder…shows how much I care).

Takeaway Message: I might not care anymore that Reggie stopped talking to me but at the time it really hurt. As I said before, I tend to be a bit of a chronic ghoster and this situation opened my eyes to see what it feels like to be on the receiving end. It’s made me think twice about ghosting since that encounter.


-The Blonde


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