Creeping Gone Wrong

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Happy Friday Purgators!

Today’s feature is about Benjamin*, the most annoying date I’ve ever been on. Now before you get your panties in a knot about me making that type of statement, keep reading and you will soon understand where I’m coming from.

I met Benjamin on Tinder and liked him because he was outgoing and I felt like he understood my sense of humour. We talked for a bit before exchanging numbers and setting a date to meet up. Now here’s where things kind of started going downhill:

1. Admitted to heavily cyber stalking me: I understand that most people look up the person they are talking to on some form of social media before meeting up, you want to make sure they’re not a catfish. The thing with doing your stalk is you never admit to the stalk, it’s simply unkosher. Benjamin on the other hand did not keep quiet about his stalking and went so far as to guess correctly where I live. I have a very specific exposed brick in my condo that is quite unique and easily recognizable. He has a friend that lives in the same building and he put two and two together, thus figuring out where I live. It’s okay that he knew that, not okay that he admitted it. The creep level just went up a notch.

2. Pushed back the time of our date on the day of: Benjamin text me the evening of our date asking if he could move it back several hours, making things fairly late for a weeknight. I was not keen on the new time but forced to honour the date by The Brunette.

3. Intense gaze gone wrong: I get the whole staring into each others eyes but when Benjamin didn’t break eye contact once and rarely blinked, it started to make me a little uncomfortable.

4. Oversharing of information: By this point in the evening I was trying really hard to give him the benefit of the doubt but he kept asking really personal questions and sharing really personal information. I don’t care to share how many previous Tinder dates I have been on or when my last serious relationship was on the first date and he kept persisting. Not only that but he proceeded to share very personal details about his family and their lives with me, information they probably wouldn’t want some random girl knowing about. It was all too much.

5. The expectation of a goodnight kiss: The restaurant that we met at was a couple blocks from my place so he offered to walk me home. Usually I decline the invitation for a safe walk home as I prefer to walk alone but Benjamin insisted. He kept trying to walk close to me but by this point I was just ready to call it a night, the closer he got the further I moved and by the time we arrived to my building we were a sidewalks width apart. I could feel he was still looking for a goodnight kiss but I had absolutely no interest. I don’t even remember if I hugged him goodbye, all I recall is that the goodbye was short and I rushed into my place fairly quickly after that.

Takeaway Message: Don’t overshare. It’s as simple as that. We all do some “creepy” things but the key is not to admit to it as it can make the other party feel slightly uncomfortable and therefore you are shooting yourself in the foot.


– The Blonde



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