Midweek Hustle: Interoffice Mingling

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Happy Humpday Purgators!

The office is a place filled with many personality types and plenty of different people, some you get along with and others you get along with even more ;).

We have both had personal experiences in the area of interoffice mingling and want to shed some light on the perspective.

Most of us have encountered this at one point or another, working alongside a co-worker who you feel that sexual attraction to. You go in to work day in and day out, excited to see this person. Your relationship not only builds on a co-worker level but also on a deeper level when you go out for after work bevvy’s or spend your lunch hour together in the break room. It’s safe to say you now have a work husband/wife.

The decision you encounter next is whether you want to take these feelings to the next level, do you want to jeopardize the current relationship you have now and potentially change your entire work dynamic?

In short, both of us agree it is not worth putting your work relationship at risk for an office hookup. That being said, the only way we think you should go for it is if you have an undeniable connection where you can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars kind of stuff, otherwise it’s best to steer clear.

We both had personal experiences in this area and we both chose not to dive in to interoffice mingling but in different ways. The Brunette has never hooked up with a co-worker, although she heavily flirted and things got pretty close. The Blonde on the other hand chose to wait until she started a new job before reconnecting with an old boss (we’ll save that full story for another post #HotAndHeavy).

There is no right or wrong way to handle this situation although we recommend if you know it’s just going to be a fling, it’s probably best to wait until you are no longer co-workers before you start anything up.


-The Blonde & The Brunette



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