A Series Of Mistakes And The Quest For Love

A Series Of Mistakes And The Quest For Love

Happy Friday Purgators!

They always say love is a journey but in my case it was a scavenger hunt and the end result was not butterflies in my stomach but rather indigestion and an upset stomach of epic proportions.

Issac* and I matched on Tinder (I’m starting to notice a trend here), he wasn’t overly talkative but he was keen to set plans right away. He proposed a scavenger hunt for our first date, I was a little hesitant since that’s typically something guys plan for a proposal rather than a first date, but I thought ‘what the hell’ and went for it. Our conversation leading up to the date was witty and I could tell he was gathering information for his scavenger hunt clues, I thought it was a little endearing so I played along.

We planned to meet up on a Friday evening and since it was the middle of the summer and we weren’t meeting until later in the evening, I met up with a girlfriend for some pre-drinks and food (mistake #1). It’s key to mention at this point that I have a slight lactose intolerance but I couldn’t pass up the offer of cheesy nachos with my girlfriend. Also, fun fact: the maxi-dress that I was wearing turned out to be quite sheer and even someone with coke bottle glasses would be able to see my underwear right through my dress. I quickly, ran to the bathroom, took my underwear off and made the decision to go commando.

I walked to the Starbucks down the street, panties in purse and slightly buzzed, where Issac was waiting for me with his first clue to the scavenger hunt.

As I walked in the door I was slightly taken back as his pictures demonstrated his youthfulness yet he looked anything but youthful in person (mistake #2). Even though the difference from his photo’s was uncanny, I put that aside and decided to just enjoy myself, what did I have to lose?

Issac’s clues started off easy and progressively got more and more difficult as the hunt went on, so much so that I had to ask him for help when it came to answering his clues.

The second last clue before completing the scavenger hunt was to go into a local Australian themed bar and collect my clue. Upon instruction I asked the bartender for my next clue and she handed me a Brown Cow (mistake #3). Now for those of you who are not familiar with this said cocktail, it is a mix of Kahlua and milk — again, let me remind you of my lactose intolerance. Since I am such a classy date and didn’t have the heart to inform him of my minor allergy to milk I slowly sipped the deadly cocktail (it took me almost 30 minutes, which is rare).

While I was nursing my Brown Cow, Issac has already finished his and was questioning whether I liked the drink or not. I then sheepishly told him that I have an intolerance to milk and that I needed to go slow.

After finishing my drink I got my last clue which entitled me to a drink of my choice at the pub across the street. We crossed the street, sat down and ordered our drinks. At this point my stomach was starting to feel upset but I tried best to push it to the back of my mind and not think about it.

Issac and I started chatting about the many places he had lived, one notably being Australia for a year. Being the nosey Nancy that I am, I asked why he moved there and what brought him back. I don’t want to go into details of the conversation (it was long) but he moved for a girl and couldn’t stop talking about it (mistake #4).

I have no problem brining up exes in a conversation as it helps shed light on their previous relationship habits but when someone talks negatively about another person for so long it makes you think that they are either a) not over that person b) over that person but still hold on to some serious resentment or c) just talk negatively about people in general.

Needless to say, after this conversation combined with my ever grumbling stomach I needed to make a quick exit. I apologized and told him I needed to head out because my stomach was not feeling great. I told him I had a nice time and hoped he did as well. We hugged it out and went our separate ways (aka I ran two blocks to my friends house).

I never heard from Issac again. Isaac never heard from me again. It was one of those mutual things where we both knew it just wasn’t right.

Takeaway Message: I think in life an especially on a first date, it’s imperative that you talk about people the way you would want people to talk about you. The way Issac talked about his ex-girlfriend (regardless of what she did) is not okay. You don’t want to bring that resentment into future relationships whether you are over that person or not.


-The Brunette


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