The Good, The Bad And The Lessons Learned

The Good, The Bad And The Lessons Learned

Happy Friday Purgators!

I have been sitting on this story for a while, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to share it until recently when I finally got the closure I was looking for*.

I met Jamie* where you meet all eligible bachelors, it wasn’t on Tinder (I know, shocking) but rather at work. Now when I tell you that Jamie was my boss you’d probably think that he was older, wiser and more mature but you’d be wrong. Jamie was the furthest from any of those qualities, in fact he was several years younger than me and running his own start-up company.

When I started my new job at his company there was immediate chemistry, I sometimes worried it was almost tangible. As time went on the chemistry got stronger, so much so that we weren’t even doing a good job hiding it anymore but being the professional that I am nothing happened. Things continued this way for about nine months. Flirting in the kitchen, running errands together, going out for drinks after work, it was all becoming too much for anyone (including myself) to handle.

Things took a turn for my worse in the spring of that year when I was laid off from the job I loved so much but where my job ended was also where my relationship with Jamie officially began.

I had two weeks left at my job before my official end date and had no plans of beginning anything with Jamie simply because, as far as I knew, he was in a relationship.

On a drunken night out with the squad I filled my girls in on the whole Jamie situation and proceeded to give my friends my cellphone so they could text him. I still to this day have no clue what they said but whatever it was, it worked.

The next morning I received a text from Jamie joking about our conversation the night before. We went on to admit our feelings were not as innocent as we both led on.

I went in to work on Monday and that’s when things started to heat up, before I knew it I was in a stairwell with Jamie secretly making out. Finally almost a year’s worth of bottled chemistry was finally coming out. The next couple months were some of the most romantic times I’ve ever spent with someone, I still think fondly of those memories today, what I don’t think fondly of is how things ended. Let me fill you in.

One summer evening Jamie text me to ask what I was up to. I was out for dinner with my family and then had plans to go out with the squad later that night, these were plans I could not and frankly would not back out of. #SquadGoals. After that it was silent. I didn’t hear from Jamie for the next week even after texting him a couple times to see what was up.

Finally one random night I received a text from Jamie telling me he could no longer talk to me because he got back together with his ex. Needless to say I was pretty hurt and it wasn’t something I could easily get over.

I think aside from the whole romance thing the thing that hurt me the most was the thought of losing a friend. We got so close over our time of knowing one another, not just as a relationship but also as friends, that it made me sad to think we would no longer be in contact.

Things didn’t end there, I won’t talk about every time Jamie tried to contact me after “ending things” but it was obvious he wasn’t ready to call it quits on whatever we were.

I endured months and months of late night text messages from him until finally one day the squad made me realize enough is enough. I no longer needed to be subjected to these random, annoying and more often than not late night text messages that led nowhere. He was still with his girlfriend and I didn’t need that headache in my life.

I used a line that is only used in movies, one that felt oh so good to use, “lose my number,” and with that I received a short “ok” in return and that was it, murder she wrote. Let me tell you, as hard as I thought it would be to tell him that, it actually felt amazing and quite honestly freeing.

Takeaway Message: The takeaway message for this story is simple – growth. Sometimes we need to go through certain experiences to learn something valuable and although I went through a lot of hurt I also experienced a lot of joy and the good times will always outshine the sadness. #OnToTheNext.


-The Blonde

*Update: I have in fact heard from Jamie since writing this post when he informed me he had broken up with his girlfriend (again). The funny thing is, this time there is no part of me that is interested in going back to him or even talking to him for that matter and it kind of makes me feel awesome.



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