My Own First Date Purgatory

My Own First Date
Happy Monday Purgators!
Hope everyone had a fab weekend! Today we have another one of our internet friends Yuri doing a guest post for us! Yuri is the man behind UrbanVox (we actually did a guest post which you can check out here…). Yuri has a big heart and is an all around awesome guy that has a quirky sense of humour to go along with that crazy hair of his! Check out his story below, its a cute one:)

“Hey boo thang. Quick question….would you be interested in writing a guest piece on your most memorable first date?”

That’s how the cuties that answer by Blonde and Brunette brushed the subject. I actually loved the idea! And that is exactly where the problem lies… I mean, don’t call me big headed or anything but I am but of a genius when the subject is first dates… And by genius you should read  they go amazingly well or the go astonishingly bad!
But let’s focus on the good ones here, shall we? Where should I start? I have a few that are definitely memorable and when I asked the dynamic duo if I could write about more than one they told me to pick one… Can you believe the cheek of those two?
So I am not allowed to mention that one of my first dates I told the girl she was going to marry me? ( I actually ended up marrying her… and divorcing her 7 years later… but that’s another story for another time). Should I not mention the first date, via Skype, in which we walked from China Town to London Bridge lovingly smiling to a screen that was the prequel to a one year long long distance relationship with a beautiful soul that resides across the pond, or should I not make a honorable mention to the first date with a Russian ballerina in which she spoke no English and I spoke no Russian? (She saw my name, Yuri if you don’t know,  and decided that I was Russian… and because we were less than 100 mt away decided to say yes to coffee… oh Tinder…  Gotta love thee for the situations you’ve put me in sometimes)…
Nope… I am not talking about any of those today…
Today I am talking about a girl with multi-coloured hair that has managed to steal my heart, clean and clear, from the first time we spoke in a magical place called twitter.
At the time she was with someone else so of course so we didn’t do anything and there is the fact that we lived 250 miles apart at the time, but speaking about it a few days ago she confirmed the felt the same click from day one as well.
You know when you meet someone and even when you speak daily you know there are not enough hours in the day? That’s how it was with us for the few months we spoke online. Funny thing the internet, isn’t it? How much quicker you get to know about someone even before you meet. How close you can get to someone before you could ever lay eyes on them… Is like… Living in doggy years!
Anyway… First date… Come on Yuri… Focus!
We’d been talking for a few months and had gotten closer over a few weeks before, and to a point where we could simply not wait to be together. I suggested that I traveled the 250 miles between us on her next day off work she jumped in happiness on the other side of the screen as we FaceTimed the last details.
I took a bus from London to Leeds, the longest 4 hours I’ve had in a long time and arrived at my destination where she would pick me up at the station for, well… whatever would happen next.
30 minutes later I get the call I’d been waiting so anxiously for. She had parked her car and was looking for me in the station. I saw her before she saw me and by god she looked beautiful. Her big blue eyes passed right by me as she walked by. I ran after her and decided to play a game of shadow until she noticed me, which took me following her as she dashed around the terminal with me right behind her trying to get her attention.
“pssssst… hey… you… pretty lady… Can I kiss you now?”
She looked back and smiled a big smile and launched herself at me, hugging me with all she could…
“Am I allowed that kiss now?” I asked her and her smiley lips touched mine for the first time.
We went out for dinner after and the two days I was going to spend with her turned into a week… The next two dates turned into more time which was never enough and every night we spent apart felt wrong, as if another half was missing…
The next month was spent in company more often than not, and we decided to take a big step further and move in together…
I am now laying next to her… Watching her sleep, dreaming about the flat we’ve rented and will be moving into the beginning of next month…
Now is where you tell me “Gosh, you’ve moved fast!”, well I’ll tell you we are moving at the speed life does… And guess what? Life is just too darn short to keep wandering, “what if?” instead of shouting “why not?”
Life is all about finding someone as crazy as you to do crazy things with you… And I can’t wait to find out what crazy things we’ll do together.
My First Date Purgatory Advice? Don’t be afraid of being you! Don’t be afraid to speak your mind! Don’t be afraid to throw caution to the air and jump in puddles, to sing a song and to kiss the girl… You never know… There may be the adventure of a lifetime waiting for you just across the corner. And as far as you know, it may be that your First Date Purgatory will be over with the flip of a coin…
You never know… Carpe the heck out of that Diem my friends!


  1. Yuri · July 28, 2017

    oh gosh! I was just reading this now! a year ago! made me giggle and made me tear up a bit… the story so far: we moved in together (to she south coast 250 miles away from Leeds), we just had a baby 3 months ago… and we are getting married some time next year… 🙂


    • Blonde&Brunette · August 14, 2017

      Sorry for the delay Yuri! I saw you had a baby, congrats! That is so exciting! It is funny how much a year changes everything! xx


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