Midweek Hustle: What To Be Honest About

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Happy Humpday Purgators!

Hope you get a good hump in today since we probably are not.

We’ve gone back and forth on this topic for quite some time now as we were originally worried we wouldn’t have enough content to base a whole post off of. The topic? what you should or shouldn’t be honest about leading up to or on a first date.

Here are our thoughts on information you should let your potential suitor in on before hand and other info you might just want to keep to yourself for a while.

To Share:

  • If You Have Children: This might be highly controversial to some but if you don’t have kids you want someone to let you know if they do. If you are a parent it’s more than likely your child is extremely important to you and you could say that your world revolves around them so if you’re hiding the fact that you have them that’s reason for concern.
  • If You Were In Jail: After much discussion about how we most likely wouldn’t share this information if we were the one’s fresh out of jail, we both agreed we would like someone to tell us if they served time (especially for murder — stealing a car is one thing but murder is a totally different ball game).
  • Goals & Ambitions: A major deal breaker for us is when someone lacks ambition. Share your goals and aspirations, it’s a major turn on.

Not To Share

  • The Extent Of Your Pre-Date Creeping: We get it, everyone creeps a little before the first date, it’s science. Even though this is the norm in today’s dating culture it’s best to keep your pre-date creeping to yourself, your date doesn’t want to know that you know their great aunt’s name or what building they live in.
  • Bad Relationship History: No one needs to hear about all your ex-girlfriend troubles, how she did you wrong and how jaded you are. Save the ex drama for another date.
  • Every Little Detail: The more you share about how much you like that person in the first couple dates the more likely you will push them away and freak them the eff out. Self-preservation is a must when dating and that includes letting someone know how much you like them because once you say it you can’t go back.

…and we thought we wouldn’t have enough to talk about for this topic!


– The Blonde & The Brunette




  1. Agree with all of this.Have you heard of the 36 questions that lead to love? Would love to get your views on this idea http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/sex/11347439/Falling-in-love-answer-these-36-questions-to-find-love.html

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    • Blonde&Brunette · April 1, 2016

      Hey! Definitely an interesting approach, I would be curious to do this with the opposite sex..but that would require either one of us to have a SO. When we get ourselves one of those we will be sure to get into these questions. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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