A Deadly Cocktail

A Deadly Cocktai;

Happy Friday Purgators!

I’m sure everyone can recall their best kiss but in the same breath we can all just as easily recall our worst.

I met Sayyid on Tinder, we never exchanged numbers but he would touch base through the app every evening for an hour or so before signing off. He seemed like a nice guy, had a good job (cough* lawyer *cough), and I’m always interested to meet people of different cultural backgrounds.

Sayyid suggested dinner at one of my favourite Thai restaurants and I happily accepted the invitation. We walked in at the exact same time and did the whole awkward hug thing as we waited for the hostess to seat us (cringe).

It turns out my favourite little Thai restaurant also happened to be his favourite little Thai restaurant. He knew the staff quite well as he visited often with his family and also served as the restaurants lawyer.

We had good conversation but I could tell that he liked to hear the sound of his own voice. He was more than happy to talk about himself as I politely continued to ask questions.

I would have been content at parting ways right after dinner but Sayyid suggested grabbing a drink and who can say no to a drink? We got in our separate vehicles and drove down the street to a local lounge.

We went in and had a couple drinks, it was at this time where he began to loosen up a bit. This should have been the plan from the get go. After a while, we wrapped up the evening as I was feeling tired (of hearing him talk about himself) and quite frankly I was ready to end the date.

As we left the lounge he offered to walk me to my vehicle. We both went in for the hug and since I wanted to find out if there was a spark or not, I went in for the kiss…I wish I didn’t. That kiss is what nightmares are made of, I’m talking open mouth guppy with a hint of snake and a whole lot of saliva. Needless to say, I pulled away unable to produce a smile and abruptly said goodbye to Sayyid.

I heard from him a couple days later but decided to leave his slithering tongue in the past and let bygones be bygones.

Takeaway Message: I’m a firm believer in kissing on the first date. I think this is the easiest way to determine if that physical chemistry is there. In the case of Sayyid, that was the nail on the coffin. Not only was there a lack of personal connection but there definitely wasn’t a physical one.


The Brunette


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  1. SingleGirlsAnonymous · April 8, 2016

    Bad kisses are the WORST. But at least you now you know and can move on to the next!

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