Midweek Hustle: The Dating Dumps

Love, Angelica

Happy Humpday Purgators!

We’ve noticed our Twitter questions tend to get more engagement if the conversation focuses on an issue that sparks negative emotions rather than positive ones. This caused us to question why we as humans often times focus on the bad rather than the good.

Dating has a special way of making people feel jaded and this can cause them to have a difficult time seeing the good in any situation. If there’s one thing we have learned from writing all of our first date stories it’s that we’ve gained a better understanding of who we are and what we’re looking for through these experiences. Sure we get angry, annoyed and sometimes even  little sad but life is too short to let a guy (or girl) dull your sparkle.

We as women need to focus more on lifting each other up, supporting one another and not allowing us to go to that dark negative place that is so easy to go to. Constructive criticism, although at times is difficult to hear, can sometimes be the best advice you’ll ever receive.

Here are few of our personal antidotes for when you’re down in the dating dumps,

1. Have a good cry: Just let it all out.

2. Treat yourself: Whether it’s a spa day, a new dress or that piece of chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing — take time to enjoy those little things.

3. Girls night: Nothing mends a hurt heart better than time well spent with the girls.

and when all else fails…

4. Wine: W(h)ine about it.


The Blonde & The Brunette



  1. allisonarnone · April 13, 2016

    amen, ladies!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SingleGirlsAnonymous · April 13, 2016

    So true!

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