Midweek Hustle: The Chase In The 2K’s


Happy Humpady Purgators!

We hope everyone is enjoying the first few days of May. This Friday we are headed out to cross our first item off our Summer Bucket list series. We are super excited to be heading out of town for a much needed relaxation weekend which is including massages, good food, good drinks and an even better time with our besties!

Today as The Brunette was scrolling through Twitter she came across a photo that really got her blood boiling.

mans job

We as women have worked so hard to gain equal rights with men and even though we’ve come so far we still have a long way to go. Whether it’s getting a job that was originally intended for a man or having our voice heard, us women matter! When it comes to the world of dating on the other hand we tend to be somewhat stuck in the 1950’s mentality and this meme proves it.

Saying/thinking that it’s a man’s “job” to get a woman’s number is archaic and only hurting the progress we as women have made thus far. Now don’t get us wrong, we all love a good chase but it’s not fair to put all the ownness on one party, for example if we give our number out we’re less likely initiate a hang out as we believe it’s all about finding the perfect balance and each person should be equally involved.

If you follow the traditional norms of thinking only the man be involved in the “chase” then why are you so shocked when they have other traditional values that we scoff at such as taking their last name, believing women should stay home and men should be the bread winners or having dinner ready for them by 5pm every day. What a confusing message we’re sending out to the opposite sex.

We believe dating is all about balance, everyone loves the chase but at which point do we say enough is enough? Go out and get your dream man instead of waiting for him to come to you!


-The Blonde & The Brunette



  1. I think you ladies make a great point about how you view the role of men and women in dating. I think it’s okay to say “it’s a man’s job to pursue me” if you’re also okay with him expecting you to play by those same traditional rules. If you think the rule is “he pursues” don’t be surprised if he thinks the rule is that you will almost certainly sleep with him on the 3rd date, or just generally expects you to defer to him. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be traditional, but don’t be surprised if the men you date are “traditional” as well, for good or for ill.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blonde&Brunette · May 4, 2016

      That’s exactly what we were trying to get across! No harm in traditional views but don’t be sad when he follows a lot other traditonal values as well. You want a 21st century man then act like a 21st woman!

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    • Blonde&Brunette · May 4, 2016

      We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


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