Sorry Means Sorry

Sorry Means Sorry

Happy Friday Purgators!

We hope you all had a great week! T-minus eight hours until we cross the first item off our Summer Bucket List, we can hardly contain our excitement. We hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys whatever plans you may have.

I was debating between two stories this week, one that I find hilarious and another that is just all around peculiar – naturally I went with the funny one.

I first saw Brock* on OK Cupid, I thought he was cute but he was a little to “bro-ey” for me so I didn’t really give him a second thought, that is until he started talking to me. We had great conversation, like I’m talking eight hours a day, long messages back and forth, laying it all on the table – this was the Patron of texting conversations (aka the best).

Let me preface this story by telling you that even though he was a nice guy and we had great conversation he was never anyone that I had an interest in dating, I was thinking more of a friends with benefits myself.

We had been texting on St. Patricks Day, he was out with the boys and I was studying for an upcoming exam. He asked me if he could come over, I was a bit hesitant at first but was curious to see how our chemistry over text would translate in real life.

When Brock arrived I told him right off the bat that I didn’t think we should sleep together however one thing led to another and well, you know the drill.

The next day we continued to chat, he mentioned he wasn’t feeling that well and our conversation slowly started to become less and less as the days went on. Even though our talks were dying down he still engaged in convo and even wished me good luck on my big exam.

Brock had been sick for about a week when I jokingly brought up that he needed a new immune system. He absolutely lost it! He got so mad and cited that he had an autoimmune disease and told me he couldn’t just “get a new immune system.” I felt horrible, I apologized profusely and let him know that my comment was in no way meant to upset him.

I decided it was best to let him cool off for a couple days and when I finally did touch base he abruptly informed me that what we had would not be going any further and that was the end of our conversation – I never heard from him again.

Takeaway Message: I admit the comment that I made was in regards to a sensitive subject which is why I apologized but I refuse to grovel for someone’s forgiveness. Saying sorry is already hard enough as it is, we need to remember that if someone apologizes it most likely wasn’t easy for them and we should accept their apology and move on.


-The Brunette



  1. Great post and now I’m curious…where is the girl’s trip heading to?

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