Midweek Hustle: How To Spot A “Fuckboy”

Dear Mom,-2

Happy Humpday Purgators!

We’ve talked a lot about fuckboys in this blog, whether it’s us dealing with them personally or watching them make their move on people we know – we’d like to think we’re pretty skilled at picking them out of a crowd.

In order to save you time and spare you the inconvenience, here are a few tried and tested ways to spot a classic fuckboy,

  • Snapchat chatter: Even though they have your number a fuckboy will still strike up convo on Snapchat and if you call them out on it, they’ll play dumb and act super coy.
  • “Let’s chill”: They say they want to chill but never actually make any plans. All talk, no walk.
  • “Hey, what’s up?”: Who starts conversation that way?! A fuckboy, that’s who. This is their classic go to line, not only is it unoriginal but it’s nearly impossible to actually keep a conversation going with an opener like that.
  • Old school wink: Ugh, the old school winky face. We’re not talking about the emoji wink face, we’re talking ;). Classic fuckboy.
  • Excessive compliments/pet names: If he’s calling you “babe”, “cutie”, “honey” or “sweetie”, he’s  a fuckboy. If he’s paying you compliment after compliment, again…he’s a fuckboy. Steer clear.
  • Self-absorbed: A fuckboy never asks you questions about yourself, it’s all about him and what he can get out of you.
  • Weekend warrior: If he texts you on Friday at 9pm or Saturday at 10:30pm – you my friend are talking to a fuckboy.
  • Basic name: If his name is something like Chris, Paul, Dan, Jon or Sean – chances are he’s a fuckboy.

Keep these warning signs in your back pocket for the next time you think you might be dealing with a fuckboy – chances are, you are.


-The Blonde & The Brunette




  1. As a man named Demetrius, I approve of this list

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