I Should’ve Just Said No

I Should've Just Said No

Happy Friday Purgators and to all our friends in Canada, have a great long weekend!

You may have read a few of my tweets on Sunday talking about a date I had later that evening, I prefaced the date by saying it would go either really well or horribly wrong. Well, it went horribly, horribly wrong. I had written a post previously about my worst date ever but this has now since trumped it.

I started chatting to Mr. Foot Fetish* on OKCupid. His first few messages were a bit odd but I tried to look past them. I happened to be on my girls trip with The Blonde and our two other friends when this initial conversation started to happen. I was reading the text messages to everyone asking for their opinion on what I should do, the room was divided. The Blonde and I said no while the other two girls thought I should go for it. He did seem like a nice guy and really, how harmful could a foot fetish be? (his opening line was talking about rubbing my feet).

We exchanged numbers and had relatively good banter, he had a good sense of humour. The red flag should have been when I asked him to send me a picture of himself and he refused, weird right?

On Sunday, the day of our date, I asked if we were meeting at the location he initially picked out. He offered to give me a ride and I decided to take him up on it, I ended up regretting that decision by the end of the night.

He was almost ten minutes late picking me up but alas he arrived. I hopped in his car and looked over at the driver’s seat, he looked way different than the photo’s on his profile, like ten years older different.

Off we went to the restaurant, he was such a slow and cautious driver that it made for a much longer drive than it needed to be. We finally arrived to the restaurant and as we were walking up he confessed that the reason he chose this place in particular was that he knew there was a T.V. that he could watch the hockey game on (wtf, isn’t that what PVR is for?)

The night took a complete nose dive as soon as we sat down. The game was not on the television so he proceeded to ask two different servers if they would put it on. He then made fun of my drink choice (I wanted a tequila based drink but “apparently only 18 year olds drink tequila”). He said women that drink beer are not ladylike. Instead of signalling the waiter over to order, he yelled his order across the lounge. Worst of all, he made two offensive racial comments about immigrants and “poor Americans.” This is just the highlight reel.

I could not hide the disgust I had for him and I knew he could see it plastered across my face. I was so mortified to be on this date that I was literally counting down the seconds until it was over. At one point he made a comment, “I bet you can’t wait for this date to be over so you can tell The Blonde how it went.” Even he knew he was a shitty date.

The icing on this truly horrible date was when we he was paying for our bill his card got declined. Now, had the date gone differently I probably would have offered to pay but it was so bad I couldn’t even offer any sort of monetary compensation. He ended up paying half cash, half credit.

Don’t forget, I still had to get a ride home with him. That was the longest 15 minutes of my life.

As we were saying goodnight, my hand on the door as I was trying to escape, he tried to go in for the kiss and told me how nice of a night he had. I quickly ducked, gave him a light hug and jumped out of the car so fast that I tripped on my own feet and almost fell.

I have not heard from Mr. Foot Fetish since and I have never been so relieved. I guess his lawyer deductive skills were strong enough to know that I did not want to hear from him ever again.

Takeaway Message: If you’re on the fence about going on a date with someone there’s no point in wasting anyone’s time. Just say no.


-The Brunette




  1. allisonarnone · May 20, 2016

    GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I am so with you on the ‘if you have doubts, don’t do it” thing. I matched with a Bumble guy yesterday and I was SO unsure of him – physically, personality wise, you name it. He ended up being blocks away and was super persistent about meeting, and as SOON as I walked in the bar it was a resounding NO. He was pretty insufferable, lacked social skills and I wasn’t attracted to him in the slightest. It was relatively painless since I made something up and left in under an hour, but…yeah.. Sometimes those doubts are there for a reason. Your dude sounds pretty frickin awful.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Blonde&Brunette · May 20, 2016

      Why do we do this to ourselves?! Glad you were able to make a quick escape! Let’s make a pact we don’t do this anymore, ok?!

      Liked by 1 person

      • allisonarnone · May 20, 2016

        Haha, I’ll try! I think we need to invent the pre-date. It’s NOT a date; you literally have like a quick 5 min interview to screen first. Wouldn’t that be nice? Kinda harsh, but nice? I cannot keep going out with people and realizing within the first second I don’t want to be there.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Blonde&Brunette · May 20, 2016

        Hahahaha – let’s create a script that we can say in text “listen – you may not like me and I may not like you…if I go to the bathroom after 5 mins of the date – I’m not coming back” hahahaha

        Liked by 2 people

  2. This guy must have had a checklist for all the things you shouldn’t do on a date and decided “Nah, let me see if I can pull this off”. Insulting your date, choosing a venue to accommodate you and not your date,using old ass photos. It soundslike a perfect bad date hat trick.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Blonde&Brunette · May 20, 2016

      That’s exactly what it was D!! Let’s see how far we can push her before she runs out of the restaurant hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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