Midweek Hustle – A Great First Date?

happy teachers' day •

Happy Humpday Purgators!

Sorry we have been M.I.A recently, we have had a hectic couple weeks and haven’t had a chance to get together to write. It was weird to think we haven’t had a post up in two weeks!! But we are back and hopefully there will be more consistency going forward:) But you can’t predict the future and this blog was always meant to be a fun thing for us, and if it loses its fun…we will re-evaluate!

Moving on…

I have been giving some thought to what constitutes a great first date. Is it location? Chemistry? Physical appearance? Can you make a bad date good based on any of those things?

I recently went on a date that for all things considered – was fine. We went for coffee, we sat across from one another and answered questions back and forth- kind of like an interview. I was attracted to him, but the date and the setting was so off-putting that I would probably not go on another date with him. Had the date setting been different, would the outcome be different? Maybe.

When we put these pressures on dates….to look a certain way, to act a certain way or to put up a certain type of image (fancy dinners vs walks) we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves as well as our date, which can lead to a bad representation of either yourself or your date.

How can we “fix” this and have great dates? The answer is simple…be yourself. Life is too short to go on dates you don’t enjoy with people you find boring. Pick activities you like and hope that they have similar interests ( dog walk anyone??).

A great date is just around the corner, so get up and enjoy it!


-The Blonde & The Brunette


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