I Don’t Want Perfect

I Don't Want Perfect

Happy Friday Purgators!

Hope everyone has had a nice week and has big weekend plans ahead. I am off to a baseball game with The Blonde tonight and we have been really looking forward to it!

I was having a chat with a male friend this week about dating and all those fun things. We had this little exchange of words, he calls me a unicorn, its corny and cute, but it also got me thinking why I don’t want a perfect relationship.

ross 2

As I spoke about briefly in a previous post, I was in what I consider a perfect relationship. We had everything going for us, we were head over heals madly in love with one another, great sex life, traveled together and had all around pretty fantastic lives. That was all until it came to crashing halt, we had a rocky few months and next thing I knew, I was being dumped. It rocked my world, I had never experienced pain like that. Eventually time healed most wounds and I was able to move on and reflect on this relationship.

There are a lot of traits we had that I would love to carry into my future relationships but there are a lot that I hope stay in the past. Having a perfect relationship comes with a lot of expectations and demands. You present your relationship a certain way, people look at you a certain way and you treat people a certain way. I want to fight, to see they have passion about something. I want to be careless and make people question our judgement and logic. I want to love hard and feel all the “feels”, with no regret and no hesitation. I want there to be hard times, so we can appreciate the good times, I want to work for my relationship. I don’t want it handed on a silver platter.

I realize now, things aren’t always going to be easy, some days will feel harder then others, but the love I hope to have for my partner is what will carry us both through the non-perfect times.

Good luck on your non-perfect relationship.


-The Brunette



  1. allisonarnone · July 15, 2016

    You’re right, perfect is boring. My last relationship was all of those things – easy, fun, chill, laid-back, etc. it worked when we were younger (I met him when I was like 25) but as I got older, I wanted something more real and raw. Fighting is OK. Communicating and getting mad at one another is healthy. We were so used to this easy road that when we had to deal with real-life stuff, we couldn’t. We drifted, we fizzled, the spark died. I DO NOT WANT THAT AGAIN.

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    • Blonde&Brunette · July 15, 2016

      Exactly!!!! You explained it perfectly!! I’m glad we’re never going to have perfect again xxx


  2. Sunny Lanning · July 27, 2016

    The strange thing about love is that, so often, you don’t really know what you’re looking for, or what’s perfect for you. But as long as you keep an open mind, love will find you.

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    • Blonde&Brunette · July 27, 2016

      Beautifully said Sunny! You’re right there is no true definition, but having those hardlines can be important, if not for now for down the road. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

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