5 Thoughtful Date Ideas Your Man Will Love


5 Thoughtful Date Ideas Your Man Will Love

Happy Monday Purgators! We are super excited to have Elisa McLean as our guest blogger today. Elisa is the founder of Queek’d, the UK’s first dating comparison website.  If you haven’t checked out her website yet, put it on your “to do” list because it will change your dating game entirely. Queek’d understands that everyone is different  when it comes to dating and they’re here to help make your journey easier, simply fill out a fun short quiz and let Queek’d do the rest. Now, without further ado, here’s Elisa: 

Often in the dating world, dates seem to be geared towards ‘wooing’ the woman, and lets face it, most of us are quite OK with that! There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple – drinks and dinner, cinema and drinks, picnics in the park etc. And there’s every chance if the guy is into you he won’t really give too much of a damn where you both are, as long as you’re together. However, in today’s modern world of equal opportunities, here are 5 great date ideas for you ladies to gear towards your new fella – find out more about him and experience something new together.

This must be underwater love

Obviously most guys won’t shy away from seeing you in your bikini, which can be a little daunting. But lets not forget, more men than ever before are insecure about their bodies too, so this is a chance for you both to bare a little flesh and become more comfortable with each other. Water brings fun and a little bit of youth to any date. You could visit a water park together, or take a water related class together like a diving or lifeguarding class. So dare to bare and get a little more comfortable with each other in a fun environment!

Get sweaty!

Of course this doesn’t refer to between the sheets fun, after all that doesn’t quite count as a proper date (and if he thinks it does, he’s probably not marriage material!). We’re talking about sports and activities. Men are practical creatures who like hands on action. So why not get moving and book a rock climbing session or an afternoon paintballing (we’ve all seen 10 Things I Hate About You, thank you Heath) and get sweaty together. If it’s competitive and you’re not prone to stamping your feet if you lose, he’ll see some real passion in you and both your hearts will beat faster, together.

Science fan

Lots of men love science. If he has an inner nerd, he will love getting all Mentos and Cola with you. Maybe try the science museum if you want a bit of a laugh (remember to steer clear of the static ball if you want your hair to stay put!). Or you could mix the science stuff with the romance and get involved in some stargazing. If there’s a planetarium nearby you could both do it properly on a clear night (lots of planetariums do special couples nights, especially on Valentine’s Day). Or if you’ve known him a while and trust him, consider going back to basics, taking some hot chocolate and thick quilts and heading out to the sticks to look up at the sky together. To read more about the best stargazing spots, take a look at this link; http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/article-1356401373154/

Get creative

Depending on the type of guy you’re swooning over at the minute, he may veer more towards the creative than the active, so this could be the perfect way to bring him out of his shell. Obviously you’ll need to think about creative things he’s interested in; otherwise you could end up with a very awkward date! But things like a painting class or a sculpting class can be a good laugh and if you’re in a larger group there’s less pressure on the ‘romantic’ side of things. However if you’re both confident, get a private booking on the go and enjoy the privacy of abit of one on one!

Go do something he loves

Has he mentioned that he loves Ice Hockey? Does he have a soft spot for acoustic open mic nights? Does he just love Lee Evans? If he has mentioned something he loves to do or a sport he loves, why not treat him to some tickets and go get involved in something that really makes him smile. How thoughtful is it when a guy goes out of his way to remember things you’ve said you love and bought you tickets for it or arranged for you both to go do it; well the same applies the other way around. He will most definitely go a little gooey for you if you take him to go do something he loves, and who knows, you could develop a new passion too!

Remember if he’s really into you, he won’t care what you do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a bit and line up some fun activities you know he’ll love. You’ll find out more about him and he’ll be raving to his mates about how cool his new date is.


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  1. Masculine Profiles · September 11, 2016

    Difficult to find girls who would make these initiatives! #spreadtheword

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