Get Him To The Greek

Hey Purgators,

Long time no chat, again! We seem to keep running into this problem of posting and then going into hibernation. Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is the lack of dates, who knows! The days are getting a bit longer, the weather is SLOWLY getting a bit warmer, summer is around the corner!

Last guy I talked about on the blog was in September (talk about long time in between men…). Since then I have been reluctant to tweet/blog about dating as I find that every time I do it, it is almost the kiss of death. BUT, I couldn’t help myself on Friday night… but before I dive into that tweet, let me start from the beginning.

I was out on a Saturday night of a long weekend with two friends, it had become a bit of a sloppy evening and we were at a bit of a dive bar, but it had a lot of men and great live band! My one friends “mission” the whole night was to find me some guys to chat with, it was mostly just a funny thing and her type of guy doesn’t really translate to mine, but fun none the less. There was a bachelor party at the bar and they all had on white t-shirts with sharpies on their neck (bit lame, but wait, this part is important!) I had already walked up to one white shirt man and asked him what I should write on his shirt, his response “whatever you want” *womp, womp, womp* I think I wrote hi and kept on walking. Then there was another guy on the dance floor and he also had on a white shirt with a sharpie around his neck. I walked up and grabbed the sharpie and said “What should I write?” His response? “Oh, you have to write your number” WELL THEN! Don’t have to ask me twice, I found a spot on the top of his shirt and wrote my name in number in my best sharpie writing, as did my two friends (one is married) we all just wrote it in good fun. I left it at that and didn’t think anything more of it.

Fast forward to Sunday evening to where I get a text saying “Hey Brunette, Its Mr Greek from the bachelor party last night. How’s your weekend going?” WHAT!! I quickly jumped into my group chat confirm this was who I thought it was (Mr Sharpie himself!) My immediate thought was, how many girls did he send that line to and how many did it work on? Was I going to be one of many, I had to make a cheeky comment, my response was “Hey Mr Greek, my weekend has been good, how has yours been? What is your success rate on these bachelor party texts?;)”. He came back with the most smooth response ever, “So far 100%, since you are the only one I messaged”. Well, he is good – I will give him that! We chatted all evening and even set up a date for that Tuesday, he wanted to do an activity and suggested Archery.

Needless to say, I was really excited.


-The Brunette


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