Get Him To The Greek: First Date

Hey Purgators,

Do you see that smile in the photo? That is how I feel when I think about this first date, thanks to Snapchat for being able to capture this glorious smile with its filters haha. It was a perfect first date and one I will probably not forget for a long time. Whether we end up being a thing or not, it always makes you appreciate and remember that there are amazing men out there and that “good” guys do exist.

Okay, where do I begin? So after chatting on that Sunday, we made arrangements to go out that Tuesday. He said he didn’t want to do a typical date of coffee or drinks and how did I feel about an activity? I hesitatingly said sure, because why not? He suggested Archery and I was even more hesitant. But I decided what the hell and went for it, the worst it could be is that I totally suck at it. right?

Unfortunately due to a family emergency that took place Sunday evening, my mom and I had to leave town Monday afternoon to get to my cousin who was in an accident. (He is totally okay now and made a miraculous recovery, it is honestly hard to put in words how relieved I am about this). But that meant my date needed to be moved as I was no longer in town. I messaged Mr Greek to let him know that I had to postpone the date and that I was really sorry. He came back super understanding and saying not to worry and that he was leaving for vacation for 2 weeks on the Wednesday but we can keep chatting while he was gone and then make a date for when he was back. I was relieved he was so understanding but disappointed I was going to have to now wait 2+ weeks till we got to see each other. The two weeks went by in a blur, we chatted most days, got to know each other quite well and planned our official first date since meeting each other almost 3 weeks prior.

We set up the date for a Friday ( I know, breaking ALL my dating rules about no dates on a weekend) as he got back on a Wednesday and that was first day that worked for us. We met at the archery place at 7:30 pm, I was feeling super nervous as he was quiet via text all day. I kept having these thoughts that he wasn’t going to show, I think his lack of messages were throwing me off. I got there early, text him that I was in my car waiting as I wasn’t sure where the entrance was. He arrived and we walked in and we started the date. Archery ended up being really fun and was nice way to get the date started. He was impressed at how well I did and I even managed to get an arrow in the yellow ring ( I was so proud of myself.) We decided after an hour to head for drinks as my fingers were hurting from archery. We took his car and left mine there, made more sense to take one car. We went to a new bar that opened up down the street, we each had a couple drinks and got lost in the chatter of the evening. I looked at my phone at one point and it was already 11, the man can chat! We paid our bill (well he paid, he wouldn’t let me pay!) and he drove me back to my car. We kissed in the car for a while, but with it being winter here, it was way too cold to continue, but we weren’t ready to say good night (ugh, so cheesy). I asked him to come back to my place as it was close by, just so we could chat some more and maybe kiss in warmth. We drove to my place, I gave him the tour and we sat on the couch till probably around 1 am and just talked and kissed, it was the perfect first date.

What was the second date going to bring? I wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t wait to find out!


-The Brunette



  1. allisonarnone · March 20, 2017

    Ooh, fun! Also, archery on a first date?! That is certainly a first! At least it ensures the guy doesn’t get outta line; don’t wanna piss a girl off who’s got a bow & arrow – LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blonde&Brunette · March 24, 2017

      hahaha!! Yess!! It was different but fun to do an activity, kept the nerves at bay.


  2. New York Cliche · March 29, 2017

    Aw this is so sweet! Definitely a super unique date suggestion. Activity dates becoming my favorite, see if he’s playful or competative tells a LOT


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