Get Him To The Greek: Three Months Later…

Hey Purgators,

It has been a while since I updated the blog about Mr G, but as we are approaching three months since we started dating, I figured it was time to have a bit of reflection on how the last three months have gone. The last three months have felt like a whirlwind and as if time has sat still all at the same time. There are days that I say I can’t believe its been ONLY three months and other days where I feel like him and I are at an accelerated pace and time is moving quicker then we want. There have been highs and lows, but all around I am happy to report Mr G has stuck by my side.

As some of you will know, I made the decision in October 2016 to go off the pill. I wasn’t in a relationship and had been wanting to go off for a while, so I figured it was now or never. Fast Forward to February and in walks Mr G in to my life. I have never had a relationship where I haven’t been on birth control, this has been a huge adjustment for me. Another thing that has been tough is trying to regulate my hormones. I am a complete mess. I could cry at any given second, I could most definitely cry on command and I am just all around a lot more emotional (and I was hella emotional before). I feel like this has played into our lows, a lot. I am very sensitive and my feelings are easily bruised more then ever. I have an appointment with the doctor in a couple weeks to see if everything is normal and this is just part of the swings of going off the pill.

Our high’s have been amazing. We have met each others families, hung out with friends and really got to know one another. We have a passion for cooking together and we recently finished the first season of “This is Us”(OMG, what a tear jerker). It is weird to think I have managed to gain a best friend in these few short months, but I really have. I can be myself around him, no make up, emotional monster with a need to burp and he still looks at me the same way he did on our first date!

Mr G and I went out with his female best friend and her Fiancé last night, while driving I asked him to describe the last three months in 3 words. He came back with “exciting, enjoyable and optimistic”. I came back with “self discovering, emotional and amazing”. While I am sure if we both had more time to think of what we want to say about our relationship, it would probably be a bit more in depth and not so singular, I think it represents us well.

We are excited about our future and what our next chapter will be. We are both very realistic people (Scorpio and a Virgo, hello!) and know we are not perfect, but our desire for each other is enough…for now:). We are discussing a mini vacation across the border to the US.

Stay tuned for more Mr G updates!

*** In case you were wondering what the photo is of…we went to the Science Museum a few weekends ago and they had a big Lego area. We built what we called “our dream house”. Just some thing silly and testament to our relationship.


-The Brunette



  1. allisonarnone · June 5, 2017

    this is so exciting, lady! 3 months already! sounds like you guys have a very real thing – which doesn’t always mean things are perfect but who wants that? i love seeing you happy and knowing you found someone who treats you well – xo


  2. thesubtleartofpostgrad · July 12, 2017

    Aw this is pretty cute! I’m excited to read future posts about you and Mr.G


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