Get Him To The Greek – Long Awaited Update!

Hello friends,

I feel like I need to start off this post with an apology, we have been so quiet on here. The Blonde has taken a back seat to this blog, I think it isn’t really for her anymore – which is totally okay and understandable. Blogging is something that has ebbs and flows and it is something we both started together as 2 single women who wanted to document their stories. I feel like the “twitter” portion of this blog has been alive and kicking. I feel like I am able to keep my life updated in 140(now 280!!) characters or less a lot easier then a blog post. But, I am going to attempt to update you a bit about my life, which hasn’t been THAT exciting, so don’t get too excited.

Since the last time I update this blog, G and I were at our three month mark, we now have passed over six and are just about at the EIGHT mark!! It is kind of crazy to think that we have been dating for eight months. Lots has gone on and yet it all feels really content and normal, it is a strange feeling. I have been in previous long term relationships in my early 20’s, but this is my longest relationship post 25. For the most part, I am euphoric, I feel like I have found someone who gets me, accepts me for all the good and bad I bring to our relationship, makes me smile all the time and just generally is a wonderful human. We have both celebrated our birthdays, family dinners and thanksgiving(x3) together as a little unit. It is becoming second nature to make sure G is invited to my family dinners and vice versa for me.

Like all relationships, we are not perfect. We argue, fight, kick and scream at each other. This is the part of our relationship that gives me the nerves. I have written about this in the past post, we are intense/passionate people who have a flare for riling each other up in the worst fashion. We have both worked REALLY hard at this, and continue to do so. Our fights are getting further and fewer in between, but still happening. Would love to hear if anyone else has a passionate relationship with their partner and how they navigate it? Our communication is top notch, which I think is our saving grace – we talk things out to death, so typically an argument doesn’t repeat itself.

The highlights of the last few months? Getting invited to his friends wedding and meeting all of his friends + their SO’s, was refreshing to see him around a more group setting and we had a BLAST at the wedding, dancing all night long! He surprised me with a day trip for my birthday weekend to a small town a few hours from the city, where he packed a picnic and picked a place we both had said we wanted to see. G coming to an annual family event we have in August, which is golfing in honour of my aunt and grandpa who have passed away. Then it is the small things, making dinner together, watching our favourite shows/movies cuddled up, talking about our future’s (both personally and in our relationship).

I am optimistic about our future and what it has in store for us, I love every inch of that man and I am proud to call him my partner!

Thanks for listening and I promise not to go so long next time!


-The Brunette


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