Hey Purgators!

We would like to start this post by saying sorry. I know we have been really MIA the last few months…It was never intentional. We both have totally fallen off the dating bandwagon and with that our blog. When we started this blog we were in the thick of dating, we thought the blog would be a fun way for us to document our silly escapades as a time capsule for 50 years from now. When you write about yourself, it allows you to be able to see the ebbs and flows of how your life works, and its taken a hit on this blog! We hit our one year anniversary of starting this blog in October, it has been a fun journey and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings for us in love, relationship and all things in between.

I want to give a little update as last you read, The Brunette was totally smitten with this guy. The key word in that sentence is “was”. End of September things started to take a decline and I noticed him pulling away a bit. I tried to do my best of not overthinking and allowing him to show me he was interested. Unfortunately, things came to screaming stop one Monday evening when he called me to tell me he can’t do this and that we would never work out. I am not going to be one of those girls that are going to try and force them to give another chance, I have done that and it never works out. I had my cry, called The Blonde and cried some more and then on Tuesday morning I decided no more tears will be shed. I enjoyed our time together and it was nice to be reminded that I can have meaningful connection with men and that there is hope for me! As we say “Onto the next one”

Since Spanish boy, my dating life has been pretty stagnant. I went on one date and we talked about doctor assisted suicide (I know) and other then that, I have been pretty non interested in anything dating related.

We are headed on a three week trip with 2 of our besties to Asia in January. If there are any must sees in Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui and Bali, send your tips our way!!! We are so excited, we can hardly contain ourselves!!!

Thanks for following along the last year and cheers to many more!

**The blog post photo was take 2.5 years ago when we were on our Europe trip. Felt like It was appropriate to throwback a photo as it is Thursday after all…


-The Blonde & The Brunette


Midweek Hustle – A Great First Date?

happy teachers' day •

Happy Humpday Purgators!

Sorry we have been M.I.A recently, we have had a hectic couple weeks and haven’t had a chance to get together to write. It was weird to think we haven’t had a post up in two weeks!! But we are back and hopefully there will be more consistency going forward:) But you can’t predict the future and this blog was always meant to be a fun thing for us, and if it loses its fun…we will re-evaluate!

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